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If you are hardening your assembly processes and you want flexibility and control - we have the wireless error proofing solutions you need!

The Global 400, Global 400MP, and GIM 400 are advanced solutions designed to enhance assembly process efficiency and error-proofing. The Global 400 is ideal for single-station operations with multiple tools, offering robust control and flexibility. The Global 400MP supports up to four operators working independently, making it perfect for assembly cells with mixed model assemblies and integrated hand tools. Complementing these controllers, the GIM 400 adds versatile I/O functionality, simplifying installation and configuration while providing powerful control over peripheral devices. Together, these products form a comprehensive error-proofing system for modern manufacturing environments.

The Global 400 performs as a station dedicated process controller that organizes, directs workers, tools, and tasks.

Key Features
• Flexibility and Control: Allows changes to processes with ease and is ideal for flexible assembly lines with various optional components.

• Error Proofing: Manages up to 16 torque tools and 8 holding tools with 100 parameter sets, organized into jobs and groups for seamless production.

• Networking Capabilities: Connects with MEDS via Ethernet or 24 Volt I/O, enabling simultaneous communication for production control and data aquisition.

• Data Management: Logs up to 20,000 network events and 10,000 torque events, with configurable reporting via Global 400 Manager Software.

• Tool Compatibility: Works with various torque and angle and angle wrenches, click wrenches, and pneumatic sensor transceivers. Tools are paired easily and operate within a recommended 15-meter distance.

Additional Benefits
• Reduced Costs: Lowers warranty costs and increases throughput. 

• Ease of Use: Simple tool pairing and minimal training requirements.

• Quality Assurance: Helps achieve quality goals and provides continual guidance to new workers.

• Error Proofing by Guidance: Provides error notifications and prevents batch completion until all fasteners are compliant.

Data and Error Management
• Global Host Data Repository: Web-based, accessible from anywhere with internet, helps in data mining for trends and specific build aspects.

• Behavior Modification: Ensures error proofing by not advancing batch counts on rejects and requiring supervisor intervention for resets after reaching reject limits. 

The Global 400mp is a powerful wireless error-proofing system designed for assembly cells with multiple operators and tools. It integrates hand tools into your MES, cutting rework and warranty costs while boosting throughput and quality.

Key Features
• Independent Operator Functionality: Supports up to four operators working independently, each with their own network connection, allowing for efficient, individualized workflows.

• Comprehensive Tool Compatibility: Works with various digital torque wrenches, pneumatic sensor transceivers, and patented holding tools, with numerous interchangeable heads for versatile use.

• Robust Error Proofing and Traceability: Provides real-time error-proofing guidance and complete traceability for each fastening, enhancing quality control and process consistency.

Compatible with the Following Tools:
• TAC Digital Torque and Angle Wrench

• 1350 TD Digital Torque and Angle Screwdrivers

• 1350 Series Exacta 2 Digital Torque and Angle Wrenches

• 1250 Series Exacta 2 Digital Torque and Angle Wrenches 

• 1200 Series Exacta 2 Digital Torque Wrenches

• 1200 Series PST (Pneumatic Sensor Transceiver)

• SLTC FM 2.4 GHz Preset Wireless Click Wrenches

• Holding Tool Technology Wrenches


The GIM 400 is a robust partner for the Global 400, forming a "Power Duo" of error-proofing in assembly processes. The GIM 400 provides unparalleled control and flexibility over assembly processes, allowing for both strict process management and operator-led decision-making, making it an essential tool for enhancing error-proofing operations.

Key Features
• Ease of Installation and Configuration: Acts as a virtually programmable logic controller (PLC) that can be configured via the Windows-based Global Manager software, eliminating the need for professional programming. 

• I/O Functionality: Equipped with sixteen (16) inputs and outputs with LED indicators, facilitating easy installation and troubleshooting, and can be configured for up to 100 binary I/O in conjunction with a PLC. 

• Versatile Power Supply: Can power peripheral devices like light stacks and socket trays.