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Global 400 Torque Controller, MP, EU, UK

Product Details
  • Wireless error-proofing system that integrates hand tools into your MES
  • Four (4) network connections house in one box
  • These network connections, or interfaces, communicate with up to four operators working independently
  • Comes with Global Manager Freeware
  • Global Manager Freeware is used to set up parameters and jobs in each of the interfaces
  • Parameter and job specifications can also be set up at the Global 400mp using the soft keypads
  • Both key and password protected, this eliminates any inadvertent parameter or job changes made at the tool level
  • Tools are matched with, or "Learned In" to an interface
  • Each interface has its own network connection and communicates directly with the MES
  • MES sends parameter and job selections to each interface
  • There is robust communication between MES, Global 400mp, the operators, and the tools
Technical Details
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Global 400 Torque Controller, MP, EU, UK 10612EU GLOBAL 400 MP, EU, UK Xbee
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