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Explore the comprehensive warranty and repair services offered for our torque tools.

In the event of any issues, our efficient repair services guarantee a swift resolution, minimizing downtime and maximizing the longevity of your tools.

All repairs are done on-site in our Carol Stream, IL factory.

Sturtevant Richmont warrants all products in this catalog against defective material and workmanship for the periods given in the table below. Upon inspection, Sturtevant Richmont shall have the option to repair or replace the defective product and such repair or replacement, free of charge, shall be the customer's sole and exclusive remedy. 

Sturtevant Richmont furnishes this limited warranty in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. 

Any and all warranties shall be void as to products damaged or rendered unserviceable while in the custody of the customer or third parties. This includes but is not limited to negligence, misuse, modification, repair, or alteration of the product:

Mechanical Loading Systems, Calibration Arms, Load Platforms: 5 years from the date of purchase

Torque Transducers, Torque Testers, All other Products: 1 year from date of purchase

Software, Calibration: 90 days from the date of purchase

Note: Because we place so much focus on high-quality materials and well-trained and highly skilled technicians, we stand behind our warranty. However, even high-quality materials assembled by highly skilled technicians cannot compensate for misuse or abuse. Taking a tool or transducer over the stated capacity immediately voids the warranty. 

The following tools contain sophisticated electronics that require the use of NiMH battery power: Exacta 2 Torque Wrenches, DTC Series Torque Wrenches, TAC Wrench, Digital Torque Testers

Using anything other than the prescribed NiMH batteries immediately voids the warranty.

Need Repair?

1. Complete the calibration/repair form. Be sure to provide a detailed description of your requirements.

2. Contact our customer service team to schedule the calibration.

3. Email the calibration/repair form to [email protected].

4. Print a copy of the calibration/repair form and place it in the box with the tools or tester to be calibrated.


An RGA (returned goods authorization is not required for repair work). To get your copy of the calibration repair form, please email [email protected]

All calibration is done in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. All repairs are done on-site in our Carol Stream factory. There is a fee for the repair diagnostic. That fee is applied to the cost of the repair.

Email [email protected] to receive repair form.