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Preset Click-Type Torque Wrench, Release Tool

Product Details
  • Use with SR interchangeable heads as well as setting torque values on our preset torque wrenches
  • The tool consists of a grip that controls a small hex key with a larger hex key surrounding the point of the smaller ones
  • The smaller hex key fits the torque adjustment nut and the larger key fits the lock nut that holds the torque adjustment nut in place
  • The two keys make it easy to unlock and adjust the torque adjustment nut
  • All LTC, LTCS, LTCR, SLTC, SLTCS, SLTCR, SLTC-FM, SLTCS-FM, and SLTCR-FM preset torque wrenches may be adjusted with the CART
Technical Details
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Combination Adjusting and Release Tool for Present Click-Type Torque Wrench 819117 CART TOOL II T-Handle
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