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Global Multiplier 400

Product Details
  • Quickly adds unique value to your error-proofing operations
  • Easy to install and is virtually a PLC that can be configured via the Windows-based Global Manager software
  • You won't need to pay someone to program the GIM 40, easy do it yourself
  • Sixteen (16) inputs and outputs with LED indicators to make installation easier
  • Can be configured for up to 100 binary I/O in conjunction with a PLC
  • Corresponding faceplate lights make it easy to install and troubleshoot the configuration of the circuits
  • Peripheral devices like light stacks, socket trays, etc that need power, can be powered by the GIM 400
  • The GIM 400 gives you control and flexibility over your assembly processes in ways no other system provides
  • The Global 400 and GIM 400 error-proofing power duo organizes, manages, directs, and guides the operator, the tools, and multi-step jobs
Technical Details
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Global I/O Multiplier 400 10611 GIM 400 Windows Based
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