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Micrometer adjustable torque screwdrivers are precision tools designed for exacting torque applications. Featuring precise micrometer adjustments, these tools ensure accurate torque settings for various assembly tasks. They offer versatility with bi-directional operation, enhancing efficiency in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Built-in mechanisms prevent overtorquing, providing reliable performance and safeguarding delicate components. Ideal for industries requiring high precision and repeatability, micrometer adjustable torque screwdrivers are essential tools for achieving consistent assembly quality.

Say goodbye to guesswork with ExacTorq's end-mounted DigiLock mechanism, allowing for precise torque adjustments in single-digit increments. The positive locking detent ensures your settings remain secure. The ExacTorq® features an advanced tri-lobular handle design, providing enhanced leverage, comfort, and grip control. This ergonomic design reduces strain and potential repetitive-motion injuries by engaging major muscle groups. Comfortable for all users, the ExacTorq® performs flawlessly for both men and women on the assembly line.

Key Features
• DigiLock Control Mechanism revolutionizes manual torque adjustment.

• Positive locking detent secures selected torque value.

• Can be used in both right and left hand directions.

• Designed to meet or exceed ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789 specifications, each ExacTorq ships with a calibration certificate from our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratory.

• Operator cannot overtorque. Clutch releases automatically when desired torque has been achieved. 

• Uses standard bits, sockets, and adapters.

• Anti-backlash design enhances repeatability.

• Accuracy of +/- 6% indicated value.

The CAL 36 line of torque screwdrivers is the top choice for electronic and small-component manufacturers. Perfect for applications demanding high repeatability at low torque, this tool stands out for its exceptional durability and versatility. Additionally, it is ESD compliant when used with a grounding strap, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Key Features
• Accuracy of +/- 6% indicated value (from 20-100% of capacity) meets or exceeds ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789.

• Incredibly durable! Many users have experienced a service life of 10+ years.

• Operators cannot overtorque - clutch releases at set torque.

• Anti-backsplash design for repeatability.

• To operate, simply dial in torque and insert bit.

• Bi-directional CW/CCW versatility.

• Polished aluminum exterior.

• Scales clearly engraved on shaft and magnified for ease of reading.

• Includes free calibration certificate from our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. Can be ordered with certification for English or Metric units of measure.

• Uses standard bits, adapters, and sockets.