Part Number

Model Designation Capacity              

Parts Prints

We provide parts prints for customers. Getting a parts print is simple. Each product has a section with a listing for products. Each part has a part number. The part number is also the print you want.  Click on the part number and your download process has started. The parts print will launch in a separate window. 

Here is a sample of a partial table with a real part number and drawing.

Part Number  Model  Designation Capacity    


3D Drawings

We are happy to provide 3D drawings for those engineers who are in process of project development and need to ensure our tools fit. Simply complete the 3D parts drawing request form and we will email you the drawings that you need. To order your 3D drawings simply complete the form and we will send you the 3D drawings you need. To order your 3D drawing please be prepared with the part number, tool description, and the format you need. 

We are in process of developing the ability to directly order your 3D drawings online. Until then, please email technical support at




Sturtevant Richmont tools are proudly made in Carol Stream, Illinois by highly capable hands.