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Your Low Torque Capacity Application Solution

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How Can the 1350 TD Digital Torque and Angle Screwdriver Help Your Assembly Quality?

Medical technology has become increasingly sophisticated. Quality control standards demand more and more data and documentation to ensure patient safety.  The 1350 TD can help by providing highly accurate and repeatable torque applications between 5 inch-ounces and 80 inch-pounds.

Torque is a cost-effective approximation of clamping force. Up to 90% of torque can be used to overcome friction. Thread conditions, lubricants, and other factors can impact clamping force by up to 30%. To combat this, torque and angle strategies have been developed to provide you with a significantly more accurate assessment of clamping force. 

The 1350 TD offers five modes of operation. We refer to these modes of operation as "torque strategies" because each one provides different benefits and accomplishes different functions will delivering more accurate torque application. 

1350 TD Modes of Operation:

  • Torque and Angle Monitoring (TAM)
  • Torque to Angle (T2A)
  • Residual (For auditing previously tightened fasteners)
  • Track (displays torque value during fastening)
  • Peak (displays final torque value)

Of the operational modes, TAM, T2A, and Residual employ both torque and angle calculations. Track and Peak modes are torque only. 

What Makes Torque and Angle So Effective?

In 1924, Walter P. Chrysler used Hooke's Law and the deformation of steel to invent the flat beam torque wrench.  Steel has memory in that it wants to return to its original shape. He then licensed Paul Sturtevant to manufacture and sell the wrench. 

Today, engineers calculate the deformation of fasteners by looking at material, thread count, thread pitch, and lubrication, and the amount of torque application. By understanding how far the fastener stretches, they get a much greater accurate assessment of clamp load. As the steel in the fastener seeks to return to its original shape, it exerts force on the planes, keeping them together. 

Torque and Angle Monitoring (TAM) can identify when an operator is trying to tighten a previously tightened fastener. It can also identify if a gasket is missing. because the target won't be achieved when the degrees of angle (or fastener rotation) have been met. 

Torque to Angle (T2A) also identifies when an operator is trying to tighten a previously tightened fastener. It also identifies cross-threaded fasteners or when debris is present in the threads. 

Multiple Levels of Error Proofing

The 1350 TD is embedded with a radio that broadcasts at 2.4 GHz and operates on 12 XBEE channels. The radio communicates in a proprietary protocol. The radio in the tool communicates with a radio in the Sturtevant Richmont torque controller. The tool is paired with P-Sets. The 1350 TD remains in SUSPEND MODE until a parameter or P-Set with which it is paired becomes active. At that point, the LED ring on the tool's nose flashes to identify that the tool is active. The operator picks up the tool and goes to work. If the operator picks up the wrong tool, the controller will not recognize any work being attempted with a tool that is in SUSPEND MODE. 

All changes to a P-SET are done via the controller. That prevents any inadvertent changes that could impact product assembly quality. The 1350 TD is compatible with our Global 400 and Global 400mp torque controllers. While the 1350 TD is suited to torque application between 5 inch-ounces and 80 inch-pounds, we have a variety of other torque and angle solutions that cover up to 600 foot-pounds. 

In addition to an accuracy of +/- 2% of indicated value, the 1350 TD gives you real-time, NIST traceable, date/time stamped NIST torque application data for each fastener. If you need a data repository for torque applications, we offer Global Host.

We can arrange a virtual tool demo so you can see how the tool works. Or, if your facility allows visitors, we can do the tool demo at your plant. 

To learn more about how the 1350 TD can help your assemblies contact your torque SR Sales Professional. 


 Who Is Sturtevant Richmont?

You may not know our name, but if you are tightening fasteners, you are probably using one or more of our inventions. 

We've condensed more than 90 years of history into this 3-minute video:



 Sturtevant  Richmont tools are made in Carol Stream, Illinois by highly capable hands.