The Cost of Errors

"Defects are not free. Somebody makes them, and gets paid for making them." 

                                                                       - W. Edwards Deming

How accurate is the company assessment on the cost of errors? There is no line item on a balance sheet for lost customers due to quality related issues. 

Errors with hydraulic couplings and the leaks that go with those errors are
particularly expensive. Where those leaks are discovered also has an impact on the cost.  Find those leaks before a machine leaves the factory and the cost is significantly different than those leaks that appear when a machine is 35 hours into service out in the field.

Industry assessments vary on the cost of other errors. Errors in an industrial engine can be 25% or more of the total cost of an engine when the error is discovered in the plant. That same error discovered once that engine leaves the plant can run up to 75% of the cost of that engine. To help put that number in context, some industrial engines have a cost well in excess of $100,000.

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Engines. Transmissions. Hydraulic connections.  

Wireless tool Error proofing engine lines by Sturtevant Richmont"Improve quality and you automatically improve productivity."  W. Edwards Deming

Over the years we have found that companies who want to maximize their ROI typically start in these three areas. Sturtevant Richmont error proofing solutions show very fast return on investment.  

"Shrink, shrink variation to reduce the loss." W. Edwards Deming

Many customers recognize the benefits of wireless tool systems as the way to gain quick and
 substantial ROI. Often times they are surprised that the ROI stems from areas they had not considered. For example, with hydraulic hoses twisting the hose while fastening the connector can reduce the service life of that hose. Studies show that a twist of that hydraulic hose of 11 to 15 degrees can reduce hose life by more than 50%. To that end we created a special radio equipped holding wrench to assist the operator in keeping the hose straight during fastening.    

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