Error Proofing (Mistake Proofing) By Behavior Modification

We have worked hard to eliminate human influence in the torque application and torque testing processes. After all, humans are the largest source of mistakes in assembly because humans are the most variable component in the equation.

Our Error Proofing By Design does indeed prevent errors. But it doesn't prevent them all. 

Our engineers have taken the next step in error proofing: Error Proofing By Behavior Modification.

This concept works in another area of tool and human interaction. In our Error Proofing by Design approach, we focus on how we can reduce the influence of humans on the tools and the torque output.  

We start with the strong belief that people Global 400 Process Monitor for Wireless Error Proofing Industrial Assemblywant to do a good job. People want to succeed and be recognized for doing a good job. Some workers want immediate feedback and want it all the time. Error Proofing By Behavior Modification does just that. 

Training and support are especially important with new hires. Supervisors and managers tell us that they don't always have the time to thoroughly train new associates or existing staff new to some tools and tasks. 

We provide the operator with feedback on each fastening. Our combination of intelligent tools and process monitor/controllers both provide visual and auditory feedback on each fastener. Each fastener gets an OK/NOK.

The tools providing feedback on each fastener is Error Proofing By Behavior Modification. We don't stop there. We require that the operator redoes the nonconforming fastener and make it right before advancing.

That is the coaching people want. They want to do a good job, and the operator gets positive reinforcement every time a fastener is conforming. That is Error Proofing By Behavior Modification.

Our PST 1200 and PST 2000 Series tools provide a more detailed view of a fastening.  With the PST 2000 and the Global Series process monitor/controller the operator gets a view of the ideal fastening profile for a fastener. And it also provides the actual signature of air pressure and time for each fastener. 

The PST 1200 and PST 2000 Series are the only tools of its type to measure air pressure in the motor compartment where that measurement is the most accurate. But the real difference comes when an operator generates a NOK and can look at the signature for that fastening and determine the reason for non-compliance.

  • Did the operator release the clutch too soon in anticipation of completion?
  • Was the work done on a fastener that was already compliant?
  • Was the fastener cross threaded?

By looking at the signature for a fastening the operator can tell the cause of the error and remediate. The analysis key is simply the ratio between time and air pressure. By better understanding the patterns, the operator can change the approach and improve performance. 

Our approach to Error Proofing By Behavior Modification goes beyond our intelligent tool and process monitor/controller combinations. Even our non-radio equipped tools provide the kind of reinforcement people want. 

Our Exacta 2 and our 3000 Series Exacta 2 have an easy to read digital display that uses yellow/green/red as the visual feedback. Whether the tools are used torque application or an audit, the screen turns yellow when the operator is close to the target torque value and turns green when the operator is within the required torque range. If the operator exceeds the torque specification the display turns red. 

W. Edwards Deming said that people do their best and often it is the system that prevents them from doing so. Our integrated, systematic approach to error proofing supports people in doing their best. Our system supports rather than interferes. Here is an example.  

We see workers on car lines using our Exacta 2 digital wrenches to make the final adjustments on car doors to ensure the fit is perfect and the doors don't leak. Right after the water test, the operators make final adjustments. They use the digital wrench because of the +/- 1% Indicated Value accuracy. But they also like the display with the yellow/green/red feedback. We see a lot of real craftsmen working with pride knowing when the car leaves their station those doors are about as perfect as they can be. 

We won't take you through our entire product line and how we contribute to Error Proofing By Behavior Modification, but our sales professionals would be happy to do so. 


Error Proofing By Design   Error Proofing By Design


Error Proofing By Guidance  Global 8 process monitor/controller

There is more about error proofing in our tool pages. If you need more, your Sturtevant Richmont Sales Professional is a great resource to help. here.


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