Need to meet ISO AS9100D Documentation Standards?

Aerospace standards demand accurate assembly tools and real-time results data that can be easily traced. Sturtevant Richmont has wireless error-proofing solutions designed to meet aerospace standards. We have solutions that cover torque application requirements between 5 inch-ounces up to 600 foot-pounds. 

We have six tool models that provide torque and angle measurement. Torque and angle are significantly more accurate than torque alone. Up to 90% of torque can be used to overcome friction. Thread lubrication and other factors can vary clamping force by up to 30% with the same torque application. Torque and angle measurement creates a more accurate 

This page covers our digital torque and angle click wrench. We call the TAC for Torque and Angle Control. 

We combined the best features of our click wrench with the best features of our 1250 Series Exacta 2 digital torque and angle wrench. 

The result is a truly unique torque tool. It is two tools in one body. You get the speed and simplicity of a click wrench because it is a click wrench. You get the accuracy and actual torque and angle value results reporting of a digital wrench because it is a digital wrench. 

The TAC Digital Torque and Angle Wireless Click Wrench and Global 400 Controller provide fast, accurate, repeatable torque application with real-time, date/time stamped NIST traceable documentation. 

The TAC offers an accuracy of +/- 4% of indicated value for torque and the angle accuracy is +/- 1 degree over 180 degrees. 

The TAC also provides the operator with feedback. With each fastener, the operator can see where the wrench clicked and where the operator stopped pulling. It is that final torque and angle value that is reported to your data repository. 

The TAC is powered by a single AAA NiMH rechargeable battery. Installing a freshly charged NiMH battery takes less than 10 seconds. The TAC ships with two PowerEx NiMH rechargeable batteries. Chargers are sold separately. 

An Important Note About Batteries

The TAC is built around sophisticated electronics that need a very steady power stream. That voltage is best supplied by a NiMH battery. NiMH rechargeable batteries provide 1.2 volts. The fully charged battery has an immediate drop in current that remains steady until the point at which the battery power is exhausted. Then the power drops to zero. 

Alkaline batteries provide 1.5 volts of power. That is too much for the TAC electronics. The AAA-sized lithium-Ion batteries can provide multiple voltage levels. Some AAA lithium-ion batteries can provide up to 9 volts. At best you can hope for inaccurate readings. But chances are good the higher voltages could damage the electronics and immediately voids your warranty. 

Good operational procedures call for using our NiMH AAA rechargeable batteries. Having tested multiple brands, we have found that Powerex NiMH batteries are a good match for our electronic requirements. Please be sure to use the recommended NiMH batteries. 

Mode of Operation

The TAC operates in either Initial Peak or Torque and Angle Monitoring (TAM). 

Torque and Angle Monitoring (TAM) provides several advantages over Initial Peak. TAM immediately notifies the operator that they are attempting to tighten a previously tightened fastener. We call that "Double Hit" protection. TAM also can identify potential problems during torque application. 

One of our customers has a build where they use a felt gasket as part of the assembly. In assemblies where the operator failed to insert the felt gasket, the units leaked.

During the tool demonstration, we were able to show that using a TAC wrench operating in TAM, the TAC wrench identified builds where the gasket was omitted. Once they were certain that the function worked, they eliminated one of the leak tests.  Their quality improved and their cost of rework and warranty dropped. 

You can learn more about the TAC by going to the TAC page on our website. There you can find details on model capacity and get a deeper dive into all the features and functions that make the TAC wrench such a popular solution. Be sure to visit the Global 400 torque controller page. 

Or, if you'd like to contact your local Sturtevant Richmont sales professional, click here. 

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