Introducing the New P-Series Torque Drivers

We know a little bit about torque screwdrivers. After all, we invented them. That was more than seventy years ago! Back then, we made the best torque screwdriver on the planet. More than seventy years later, that hasn't changed. 

The P Series torque drivers incorporate the heritage of our legendary durability along with great accuracy and repeatability. We used the same clutch and spring from our PM Series torque screwdrivers.  That means you get the same smooth rotation, great accuracy, unparalleled repeatability, and legendary durability.

The new P Series comfort grip is ergonomically friendly. Not only is it very comfortable in your hand, but it also gives you greater purchase in turning the driver to reach target torque. 

The P Series drivers only need 18 degrees of rotation to reach target torque. Other brands require 36 degrees or even 45 degrees of rotation. Some brands even need 90 degrees of rotation to achieve target torque. 

Once you achieve target torque with the P Series, the handle spins and doesn't apply torque. You can't over-torque a fastener with this tool. 

The P Series driver is the type of tool that gives the operator confidence that the job will be done quickly and done right. That is why so many people around the world trust our tools. 

While we could go on and on about what a great tool the P Series is, the best way to understand this tool is to see it for yourself. Contact your local Sturtevant Richmont torque expert and have them bring one to your plant. You can try it out and see for yourself. 

Contact Your Local SR Sales Professional

 Important Model and Ordering Information

Part # Description








in lbs.

810501 P6-2H 20 In Oz 100 In Oz 1/4" Female Hex 0.5
810502 P20-2H 4 In Lb 20 In Lb 1/4" Female Hex 0.5
810503 P40-2H 8 In Lb 40 In Lb 1/4" Female Hex 0.5
814848 Sliding T Handle     1/4" Square Drive 0.1


The comfort grip makes reaching 40 inch-pounds of torque easy. Some prefer the use of the steel sliding T Handle. Either way, you'll love the P Series.

Important P Series Tool Features

  • Accuracy of +/- 6% or better of indicated value from 20% to 100% of the rated capacity
  • Torque can be set to any unit of measure
  • Be sure to use a calibrated torque tester to set the torque value
  • Accuracy meets or exceeds ISO 6789 and ASME B107.300 - 2010 accuracy standards
  • Bi-directional versatility - preset same value for both CW and CCW  measurement
  • 1/4" Female Hex drive uses power bits and insert bits
  • Perfect for assembly of electronics and precision mechanical products
  • Ideal for use in field maintenance kits
  • The clutch releases automatically, and the grip rotates when target torque is achieved so the fastener cannot be over-torqued
  • Extremely smooth rotation requires only 18 degrees of turn to reach the target torque
  • Anti-backlash design for ergonomic comfort
  • The new grip is very comfortable in your hand
  • The new comfort grip gives operators greater purchase in turning the driver
  • The sliding T Handle assists in turning the driver at higher torque values
  • Well balanced tool that feels great in your hand

The "Anti-Backlash Feature:

Newton's Third Law says that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. If we didn't have the "anti-backlash" feature on our torque drivers, you'd feel that equal and opposite reaction in your wrist and see it in your quality. The "anti-backlash" feature is different from other features. You don't notice the "anti-backlash" feature because it is there. If it wasn't, you'd wish it was. 

Here is a video that explains how the anti-backlash feature works:

Anti-backlash short  - SD 480p
Anti-backlash short - SD 480p <click here to view the video. When the video launches, click in the upper left-hand corner of the video to unmute the sound. 


The P Series preset torque drivers are built and calibrated in Carol Stream, Illinois, by highly capable and dedicated hands.