DTC Use Case:

Not so long ago, tightening a bolt to the right torque value was all that was required. 

Today, not only do fastenings have to be accurate, you have to document that the work was done properly. 

So how do you document the work with a hand tool? 

You can hand write the results. Here are the challenges:

  1.   Storage – where do you keep the notebooks? In a central location or use distributed storage? How many notebooks are there? How long do you need to keep the data? 
  2.   Data accessibility. What if you have to go back and find a particular fastening? In the analog world, how do you do that? If a wrench was found to be SOOT, how do you know which wrench touched a particular product?
  3.   Data consistency. Are all the operators writing data down in the identical format? What about training someone new? Who is auditing the work to ensure consistency?
  4.   Data legibility. More than just dirt getting on the paper, or pens that skip, what about being able to tell a 5 from a 6 or a 3 from an 8?
  5.   Downstream data accessibility. How do you communicate with the customer that the work was done and done properly?
  6.   Data Accuracy: Did the operator double hit a fastener and then record that double hit as OK? 

You can use the Sturtevant Richmont DTC digital torque and angle wrench. You can save P-Sets by number so you can simply scroll through the list, find the P-Set with the right torque value, mode of operation, and then get to work. You get date and time stamped results. You can use the DTC Connect freeware to download the results and print a digital birth certificate for a particular build.  Here are the advantages:

  1.   Storage: It is digital storage. You can back it up, 
  2.   Data accessibility. Need to find a particular build to find out what happened? You can do that. Need to find work that was done on a specific day and time by a particular operator or tool? You can do that.
  3.   Data legibility. It is digital. You can increase font size, reprint, or otherwise handle the data. You select the font style and size so there are no issues around being able to read the result.
  4.   Downstream data accessibility. You can print or email the results. Can it be any easier?
  5.   Data Accuracy: Do you have changing joint conditions? The DTC TAM (torque and angle monitoring mode) identifies both changing joint conditions and gives you 

Who is using the DTC?

DTC digital torque and angle wrench working on a race carOne customer makes heat exchanges for a Formula One race car team. You can image that both accuracy and reporting are vital. They use the DTC to tighten the bolts and then print the digital birth certificate right there. They tape the certificate to the unit. Job done!

The DTC has an indicated value accuracy of +/- 2% between 20% to 100% or wrench capacity.

DTC Connect Freeware works on Windows-based computers and tablets. The connection is made via USB to USB Mini cable that is included with your DTC purchase.

To get your copy of DTC Connect simply go to the Download Your DTC CONNECT Freeware page and engage with the Chatbot in the lower right-hand corner of your display. It is as simple as that. Plus, as we update the DTC firmware or the DTC Connect Freeware, you’ll get an email with a notice that updates are available. And you’ll get a link to download the latest version.

If you have an application where accuracy and data collection/distribution are important, the DTC digital torque and angle wrench from Sturtevant Richmont is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

The DTC comes in five models starting with the DTC 4- which has a capacity of 50 in pounds (5.6 Nm) and goes up to the DTC 250 with a 250 ft-lb capacity (338.9 Nm).

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