Register your DTC wrench to get the DTC CONNECT freeware. 

The DTC digital torque and angle wrench is easy to set up and use. You can set units of measure, torque mode, and torque values using the keypad on the wrench. 

You can also use DTC CONNECT Freeware to perform those same functions. With DTC CONNECT you do all the parameter setup work on your computer and then download it to your DTC. You can go to work, come back, and upload the torque and angle results from the tool. Each fastening has a date/time stamped identifier. 

The DTC comes with a mini-USB cable that connects your computer to the DTC. Now you can set, change, and save parameters, using DTC CONNECT. You can also download the results log from the wrench and upload the CSV formatted file to Excel or another program. 

DTC CONNECT is simple to use. It has Windows-based functionality. DTC Connect says goodbye to terminal emulator programs. 

DTC CONNECT Freeware is not available to the public. It is only available to those who purchase a DTC digital torque and angle wrench. 

We continue to work on and further develop DTC CONNECT. As we have updates and upgrades, we want to send you the latest program. 

The only way we can do that is to email a link to you that directs you to the dropbox where the file lives. The only way we can email DTC CONNECT to you is to register your DTC on the DTC Warranty page. 

Please note that the DTC CONNECT program is an EXE file. As such, some IT departments have specific practices and policies around EXE files. As a result, you may need to enlist help from your IT department to download our file. 

Once you've downloaded the file, registration is fast and simple. We just need your contact information, tool capacity, and seven-digit tool serial number. The serial number is found on the underside of the flattened case, near the Dovetail. 

If you have more than five wrenches to register, we can help make it even easier for you to register all your tools and receive the DTC CONNECT updates. Call customer service at 847-455-8677 and talk with them. Or you can talk with tech support at the same number. 


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