Looking for a copy of DTC CONNECT?

Big D is the DTC Chatbot. You can find it in the lower right-hand corner of this web page. Give Big D your contact information and it will send you a copy of DTC CONNECT. 

Big D is a chatbot with zero artificial intelligence. He was built to send you a copy of DTC CONNECT and he does that very well. 

DTC CONNECT Freeware "How To" Video

This video explains how to use the latest version of the DTC CONNECT Freeware. 


DTC CONNECT software sets parameters (or P-Sets) in your DTC digital torque and angle wrench. It also allows you to download the results log in a CSV format so you can manipulate or print torque event data. 

Need to provide your customers with torque data on a specific build? No problem! DTC Connect makes it fast and easy.

Important Notes About DTC CONNECT Downloads

  1. DTC CONNECT freeware is a proprietary terminal emulator program developed and updated by Sturtevant Richmont.
  2. The current version of DTC CONNECT is v2.1.0
  3. If you want to upgrade to DTC CONNECT v2.1.0 you will need to delete DTC CONNECT v.2.0.x from your computer. 
  4. The author's information in the program is listed as Sturtevant Richmont. We created the program. 
  5. Servers are set with different security settings. This means that your IT department may need to be involved in downloading the current version of DTC CONNECT. 
  6. Complete your contact information with the DTC Chatbot, and it will send you a copy of DTC CONNECT,  
  7. Once you've given the Chatbot what it needs, you will receive an email with download instructions.