Increase your leverage - order P/N 853601 today!

3,000 in. lbs. capacity and below

This customizable extension was designed in response to your requests for longer tools. It gives you the ability to add up to 6” of length to your tool.

This is a threaded adapter handle with the same grip found on our LTC/LTR/LTCS preset wrenches.

This handle extension comes preassembled. The extension is actually kit consisting of:

  • A threaded adapter that attaches to the back of your SR preset torque wrenches using the existing buttress threads. This adapter is designed to work with all SR preset torque wrenches of 3000-inch pounds capacity and below. A 6” long solid handle extension that can be shortened as needed.
  • A new SR Comfort Grip to slide over the handle extension after you have customized it.

Note: Changing the grip length changes the torque output; check and set the torque after installing the handle extension. This is the same concept as increasing the distance between the end of the dovetail and the center of the fastener. Extending that distance extends the overall length of the lever, which in turn increases torque output. 

Get a better handle on torque. Order Part Number 853601 


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