All LTC, LTCS, LTCR, SLTC, SLTCS, SLTCR, SLTC-FM, SLTCS-FM, and SLTCR-FM preset torque wrenches may be adjusted with the CART.

Specification and Ordering Information

The CART Tool

Part NumberDescription
819117 CART  Combination Adjusting and Release Tool

Application and Information

The CART is a specialty tool used to set the torque for all SR preset torque wrenches. The tool consists of a grip that controls a small hex key with a larger hex key surrounding the point of the smaller ones. The smaller hex key fits the torque adjustment nut and the larger key fits the lock nut that holds the torque adjustment nut in place.

Used together, the two keys in the CART make it easy to unlock the torque adjustment nut, make the needed adjustment, then lock the new torque setting in place.