Specification and Ordering Information

Part Number

Torque Capacity

Output DriveInput DriveOutput RatioOverall LengthWeight (lb)
850369 1000 ft lb 3/4” 1/2” 4:1 26” 12 lb
850367 2000 ft lb 1” 3/4” 4:1 26” 14 lb
850368 4000 ft lb 1 1/2” 1” 4.33:1 30 1/2” 35 lb

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Torque Multipliers with SR Flat Beam Torque Wrenches are excellent answers for the high torque/limited access applications frequently found in the construction, heavy equipment, and power generation industries! The Flat Beam torque wrench provides accurate torque measurement, which is then multiplied by the gears in the multiplier to attain the desired torque. This combination is extremely portable so it is well-suited to job site use.

  • Capacities of up to 4000 ft. lbs. or equivalent.
  • Multipliers can be used with either English or S. I. flat beam torque wrenches.
  • Reaction bar or reaction foot keeps gear box from turning.
  • Gear box has natural frictional loss. For normal requirements, a loss factor of 10% to 20% should be used.