The Quad Plate permits mounting up to four torque transducers on the ML 250 Mechanical Loader. Ideal accessory for those testing tools of varying capacity!

  • TT and STT-P transducers of up to 250 ft. lb. capacity may be used on the Quad Plate
  • Plate locks in position, then unlocks in seconds to rotate and permit physical changeover to a different transducer.
  • When a Switch Box is used to route the electrical connections, total changeover time from one transducer to another is about 10 - 15 seconds.
  • Compatible with System 4 and System 5 Digital Torque Testers.

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Specification and Ordering Information

ModelPart No.Description
Quad Plate ML 250 10308 Quad Plate for mounting 4 transducers to ML 250 loader