The TCV is one of our original controllers. After twenty years on the market customers still buy this controller because the need for speed and control has never gone away. 


Ordering Information

Part NumberModel
10467 Torque Control Verifier - FM, 2.4 GHz
10416 TCV to PFCS Cable
10395 TCV to PCFS Interface box

Applications & Characteristics

The TCV-FM 2.4 GHz is ideal when the application calls for the accuracy, repeatability, and simplicity of the 2.4 GHz Wireless Preset Clicker-Type Torque Wrenches. Two wireless click wrenches can be used simultaneously, or a single wireless click wrench can be used at the workstation.

Like the PTV, the TCV is PLC-driven. You'll need a cable to connect the TCV to the PLC. 

The automobile brake line assembly is just one example where the TCV-FM 2.4 GHz process monitor provides an outstanding return on investment. In applications where you need a simple OK/NOK check the TCV ensures quality in a high-speed operation. 

The TCV-FM monitors the tools and provides the operator with feedback for each fastening. Plus 24 VDC relays communicate status with your production system.

  • Two-way communication between the SLTC 2.4 GHz Wireless Preset Clicker-Type Torque Wrenches.
  • Immediately informs the operator via lights and buzzer of proper (Accept) or improper (Reject) torque wrench use with each fastening.
  • Five-pin connector with assignable relays for use with 24 VDC I/O keeps line controls updated on status at all times.
  • Tool use specifications are easily programmed with supplied software through the 9-pin serial port or USB connector.*
  • Operates on either 110-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC power.
  • *USB connector or 9-pin serial depending on the model and production date.

Error Proofing From A Different Angle: Definition of error proofing and some observations by W. Edwards Deming.

There is more about error proofing in our tool pages. If you need more, your Sturtevant Richmont Torque Expert is a great resource to help. 


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