Need the ability to manage up to ten P-Sets and up to ten preset click wrenches in an assembly cell?

This controller provides a big solution at a smaller price. 

Introducing the TCV e2 Torque Controller

Need to order the TCV e2? Use part number: 10676

The TCV was one of the first torque controllers to hit the market. That was back in 1999. Paired with an SLTC FM-2.4 GHz preset click wrench, the TCV quickly found a spot in automotive plants around the world. In 2017 we updated the TCV to pair with two-click wrenches for simultaneous operation. Again, sales surged. 

Enter the TCV e2! The wireless error-proofing world is rocked again. The TCV e2 can be either network or I/O-driven. It is perfect for indexing lines. 

The TCV e2 can be used with the legendary SLTC FM 2.4 GHz preset click wrench and/or the all-new TAC digital torque and angle click wrench. 

The TVC e2 manages up to 10 parameters and can be paired with up to a total of 10 tools. Tools are paired with parameters. Operators work independently.

Like the Global 400, the TCV e2 has complete date/time stamped reporting. The display on the TCV e2 and the LED on the wrench provide an OK/NOK visual guidance for the operator.

TAC digital torque and angle wireless preset click wrenchWhen used with the TAC digital torque and angle click wrench, the reporting for each fastener shows both the point at which the wrench clicked, the point at which the operator stopped pulling (aka Peak Torque), and the degrees of fastener rotation past snug torque.

Need to use a barcode scanner to bring up parameters? The TCV e2 has two USB ports that are compatible with serial scanners. 

The TCV e2 and TAC combination is the new power-duo of error-free assembly. TCV e2 has a memory capacity of 40,000 torque events and stores up to 2 MB of network event data.

The TCV e2 broadcasts on twelve channels within 2.4 GHz. We recommend the tool to controller distance be no more than about 10 to 15 meters. Environmental factors may impact signal strength and clarity. Welders, autonomous vehicles, large brick walls, steel beams all may impact the radio strength. 

For more information about how the TCV e2 can help increase throughput while improving your product quality by reducing torque-related assembly errors, contact your local Sturtevant Richmont Sales professional. 

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 The Sturtevant Richmont TCV e2 torque controller is made in the United States by highly capable hands.