The Global 400 and Global 400mp Are Your Human Powered DC Tools!                        

If you are not familiar with Sturtevant Richmont innovations in the wireless error proofing market, the Global 400mp launch won't get your attention. But if you are using DC tools and need a better solution, exploring wireless error proofing is well worth your time and attention. 

To the customers who have known us to be the innovative leader in the wireless error proofing market for almost twenty (20) years, this is HUGE. 

The Global 400mp organizes and manages up to 16 torque tools, 8 Holding Tool Technology Sturtevant Richmont Holding Tool Technology Wrencheswrenches and independently guides up to four (4) operators. Operators work with their own network interface. Tools are assigned to an interface. Parameters are created and then tools are paired with parameters. Parameters are placed into jobs. The network communicates the work orders. The Global 400mp translates brings up the appropriate parameters and then reports back that the work has been done completely and accurately. Fastener data is placed in a data repository and fed back to the MES. 

Sounds somewhat like DC tools, doesn't it?

Human Powered DC Tool

If you are familiar with the DC tool world, then you already have a great basis for understanding the Global 400mp and the Global 400. More importantly, you know what DC tools do for quality. You might be surprised when you learn what the Human Powered DC Tool does for your quality. 

Here are the architectural differences between DC tools and the Global 400mp.

DC tools:

One operator, one network connection, one box, one tool, one task. You know what that costs and what it costs if you want it to do something other than the original function. 

Global 400mp

Up to four operators working simultaneously via four network connections housed in one controller. Those operators use up to 16 torque tools and 8 of the all-new, patented Holding Tool Technology wrenches. 

Each network interface manages up to 40 parameters and 20 jobs. That brings the Global 400mp total to 160 parameters and 80 jobs. 

Having established the basis for comparison, now let's look at the differences. 

What Is the Difference Between DC tools and the Global 400mp?

The Global 400mp is significantly more accurate. DC tools are fast, but speed is the arch-enemy of accuracy. 

The Global 400mp is more flexible because the tools can access fasteners that DC Tools cannot.

The Global 400mp specialty is hydraulic connections, ensuring that hydraulic hoses are not twisted during torque application, and error proofing that process.  

The 16 tools and 8 Holding Tool Technology wrenches can be ordered with our traditional pin andGlobal 400 and Global 400mp pictures with radio equipped torque tools dovetail for interchangeable heads. This gives you access to well over 200 interchangeable heads. Any interchangeable head fits on any dovetail wrench. That means you don't have to buy multiple wrenches and multiple heads to cover fastener sizes within the same torque range. 

The Global 400 and the Global 400mp work with our:

If you need an error-proofing solution that is accurate, reliable, and durable?


 Sturtevant Richmont products are made in AmericaSturtevant Richmont tools are made in Carol Stream Illinois by highly capable hands.