Five Important Things to Know About Global Host Data Repository

  1. With Global Host,  you can consolidate all torque data from all torque tools into one database. That means DC Nut Runners too.
  2. Global Host is network failure agnostic. Because Global Host is subscribed to each controller and tool on the network, it constantly polls each element on the network and knows the status and count of each tool. If the network fails, work can continue. How is that work accounted for? Global Host looks at the history and notes that the last time there was communication, the tool had 93 fastenings in the history log. The current fastening count for that tool might now be 118. Global Host automatically pulls the data for fastenings 94 through 118 so the history log is completely up to date. 
  3. Web-based reporting, anywhere in the network, is available in real-time. You can connect Global Host to a large display in your assembly area. You can also log in to see additional data that is not included on the display. You control what data is on your screen and in your reports. If you add an item to the reporting, the history is also included. 
  4. Export to Excel, Power BI, Access, Tableau, or other programs to sort and parse data. There is additional data that you may not want visible on the display. This gives you powerful information about the state of your assembly processes and the tools that are being used. 
  5. Auto-triggered print functionality, based group batch function so you can print a “digital birth certificate” for each assembly that you produce. You can use a variety of printers to print these labels. You can customize what information you want on any label. 

Global Host also comes with true Business Intelligence. Here is a real-life example of how one customer used Global Host to solve a quality issue that might be otherwise difficult to detect. 

Detail view of Global Host

The close-up view of a portion of the screen shows the level of detail that can be obtained on either the web-based display or in the CSV. format. In this case, the torque value of 0.00 indicates that a click wrench was being used. If this had been a digital torque wrench, or a digital torque and angle wrench, the torque value would appear in the torque column and the degrees of rotation would appear in the angle column. 

Is It An Error or Not?

While viewing fastening data, a Quality Manager noted what appeared to be duplicate torques. Duplicates would be an error. By parsing the data, the Quality Manager noticed a trend. First, the duplicate readings were coming from one operator, who was using a click wrench. When the Quality Manager walked out to observe the operator, he noticed that the operator would pull until the wrench clicked, and then would give the wrench two or three more tugs. 

The Quality Manager was then able to address the wrench technique and performance issue. More importantly, this was a proactive move to change behavior and protect quality that might not have otherwise been caught. 

Enhance Your Quality

Global Host gives you the data you need to change assembly requirements. In addition to actual torque readings, Global Host also tracks the minimum and maximum torque settings for a fastening. If you have a wider range of torque specifications, this can be highly valuable. 

Here is another real-life example of how customers use business intelligence in Global Host.

Global Host is a powerful tool that provides a high-quality, low-cost alternative to ToolsNet and other manufacturing database programs. Why pay for features you simply don’t need or won’t use? Your time is too valuable, so we make it as easy as possible for you. 

Visualize Data Your Own Way

Global Host gives you actionable data. Rather than paying for data visualization features within Global Host, and then having to learn how to use them, Global Host allows you to use your own data visualization software. Why pay extra for functions that you must learn how to use and are a replication of something that you already have? We make it simple for you. 

Understanding Licensing

Global Host licenses are sold on a "per seat" or port basis. A seat is defined as a controller interface. A Global 400 is one seat. A Global 400mp has 4 interfaces. Using all four interfaces would require 4 seats. If you only use two of the interfaces, only two seats would be required. Unlike other data repositories, we only charge you for what you use. 

You can include your DC tools included and each DC tool would account for one seat as long as the DC Tool has one interface. There is a minimum purchase of 10 seats. Contact your local SR sales professional for more information on pricing. Technical support during the first year of service is included in the price. Additional tech support can be purchased after year one. 

We strongly recommend when you make your initial purchase, you budget for the extended services agreement in your subsequent budget. That way, the money is allocated and is a planned expense. 

Licensing fees are for the first year. That fee includes technical support. Additional technical support is available on an annual renewal basis. If you don't need technical support past the first year of licensing, there are no additional required charges. Currently, there are no additional licensing fees. There may be periodic product upgrades that are made available for purchase. 

Want To Download the Latest Manual? 

We have been listening to our customers for more than 90 years. So when customers ask for product enhancements, we listen. We are constantly adding enhancements and upgrades to the software. That is where your annual service agreement pays big dividends. With the purchase of the support/service agreement, we notify you when we make upgrades and you can use them immediately. To download the latest Global Host manual, click on the link below:

Thermal Transfer Label Printing From Global Host 

One of our recent upgrades is the ability to use a thermal transfer printer to print torque results. Some companies, especially those who are providing their products to be included in an assembly by another company like to print the date/time stamped torque results for a build and tape it to the product they send to their customer as a type of "Digital Birth Certificate."  We've tested three brands of thermal transfer printers, including those by Zebra, Intermec, and SATO. Since the thermal transfer label printers all use the same language, there should be little or no problem in expanding out to other brands. Your annual service agreement pays for all of the research and development we put into these advancements and they are included in the price of your service agreement. 

Technical Support 

Global Host runs over SQL Server. Our customers tell us that they need very little if any, customer support. In the unlikely event that you need it, the programmer who wrote Global Host provides support. He built the Global Host from the ground up. He is the person who handles your support issues. 

You can try Global Host for free. Our free trial works for 24 hours and works for two tools and one controller. After twenty-four hours the data is erased and the free trial recycles.

There is no limit on how long you can use the free trial. But remember, the trial only retains data for one day. 

Global Host code was written in the USA by a highly skilled coder.