Specification and Ordering Information

Part NumberModel
10479 Global 8
10477 Global 8 Ethernet With Open Protocol
10476 Global 8 Ethernet With PFCS 
10473 Global 8 Ethernet With Ethernet IP
10494 Global 8 Ethernet With ToolsNet 
10496 30 Meter Cable for Global 8


Global 8 process controls and monitors up to eight PST-equipped pneumatic clutch tools, 1100-Series Exacta® 2 digital torque wrenches, and SLTC -FM 2.4 GHz preset torque wrenches.

When multiple tools of multiple types or many tools of the same type must be used at a single cell or station, one of the Global 8 series may be the assembly torque process monitor for that location. Also, be sure to explore the Global 400 capabilities. 

A large and readily-visible display assures the operator is always aware of the status of each tightening, the progress through each batch of fastenings, the correct tool for the currently-active parameter, and other information required to assure the fastening is completed to specification.

The Global 8-Ethernet controllers all have Ethernet ports, and one of the four available communication protocols pre-installed at the factory. Available protocols include Open Protocol, Ethernet IP, PFCS, and ToolsNet. The lower display and keypad provide a Human-Machine Interface for programming elements of the communication. 

If your Global 8 is Ethernet driven, you'll need a standard Ethernet cable to drive the controller. 

These units all have relays and a port for connection to your 24 VDC control system, or can be configured to power a light stack. You'll need additional cables to drive peripherals. 


  • Maximum of 8 torque tools controlled in any combination
  • Integrates 1100-Series Exacta® 2 Digital Torque Wrenches
  • Integrates PST Pressure Sensor/Transceiver for pneumatic clutch tools**
  • Integrates 2.4 GHz Wireless Preset Torque Wrenches
  • Manages & communicates variable torque data
  • Manages & communicates attribute torque data
  • Downloads specifications to tools
  • Performs task sequencing
  • Accepts task sequencing from external commands
  • The display shows the current tool and current tightening status
  • LED’s for Cycle Accept, Cycle Reject, and Batch Accept
  • 10-Pin I/O port for 24 VDC signals & relays
  • Beeper augments visual communication
  • Softkey programming on the front panel
  • 2.4 GHz RF communication distance up to 40’ (10m)*

*Radio communication signal strength can be impacted by brick walls, large steel beams, an excessive XBee radio signals on the same channels. 

**PST works with triggered or levered pneumatic tools, "push to start" tools will not function with the PST 2000 or the PST 1200.

Global 8 process monitors do not have a USB connector for computer communications or 9-pin serial connector for a serial printer.

The Global 8 Manager software performs input, data logging and facilitates programming tasks for the Global 8.

Understanding The Common Centerline: Not having a common centerline is one invisible place where your error-proofing approach can introduce errors instead of eliminating them. If you want to know how to calculate a common centerline and why it is important this page is for you.

There is more about error proofing in our tool pages. If you need more, your Sturtevant Richmont Sales Professional is a great resource to help. 



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