Some customers call this wrench robust. Some say it is accurate and durable. If you have a torque only application, and need accuracy and ease of use, this tool has a lot to offer. 

 The 1200 Series Exacta 2 Digital Torque Wrench Works With the Global 400 and Global 400mp only. The radio protocol does not function with the Global 8, PTV, or TCV torque controllers

Specification and Ordering Information 

1200 Series Exacta 2 Digital Click Wrench English and Metric Units of Measure                       

Part Numer Model Designation Tool Capacity DoveTail Type Lever Length Over All Length Weight
10646 1200 Series Exacta 25  25 ft-lb/33.8Nm  pin/spring  12.5"/317mm  16.1"/409mm  2.8 lb/1.27 kg
10647 1200 Series Exacta 75  75 ft-lb/101.5Nm  pin/spring  15.8"/401mm  19.4"/493mm  3.0 lb/1.36 kg
10648 1200 Series Exacta 150  150 ft-lb/203.3Nm  pin/spring  17.8"/452mm  21.5"/546mm  3.1 lb/1.40 kg
10649 1200 Series Exacta 250R  250 ft-lb/338.9Nm  1/2" SD Ratchet  21.0"/533mm   25.2"/640mm  4.1 lb/1.86 kg
10658 1200 Series Exacta 250   250 ft-lb/338.9Nm  pin/spring  21.0"/533mm   25.2"/640mm  4.1 lb/1.86 kg
10650 1200 Series Exacta 400  400 ft-lb/542Nm  pin/spring  35.5"/911.8mm  36.9"/927.1mm  7.7  lb/3.49 kg
10670 1200 Series Exacta 400R 400 ft-lb/542Nm 3/4" SD Ratchet 35.5"/911.8mm 36.9"/927.1mm 7.7  lb/3.49 kg
10651 1200 Series Exacta 600 600 ft-lb/813Nm   3/4" SD Ratchet   55.1"/1399mm  59.7"/1519mm  13.0 lb/5.90 kg

Please Note: the Quick Change dovetail should NEVER be used with any of the adapters or extensions. This includes the J Adapter, the Y Adapter, the DIN Style Adapter, the Standard Tooling Adapter, and any of the extensions. 

1200 Series Exacta 2 Digital Click   Wrench English and Metric Units of Measure with Quick Change Ball and Spring Dovetail.   

To order the 1200 series with Quick Change heads, see the chart below      


Part Number Model Designation Tool Capacity Dovetail Type Lever Length Overall Length Weight
 10662 1200 Series Exacta 25 QC  25 ft-lb/33.8Nm Quick Change  12.5"/317mm 16.1"/409mm 2.8 lb/1.27 kg
 10663 1200 Series Exacta 75 QC  75 ft-lb/101.5Nm Quick Change 15.8"/401mm   19.4"/493mm  3.0 lb/1.36 kg
10664 1200 Series Exacta 150 QC  150 ft-lb/203.3Nm Quick Change  17.8"/452mm   21.5"/546mm 3.1 lb/1.40 kg
10665  1200 Series Exacta 250 QC  250 ft-lb/338.9Nm Quick Change   21.0"533mm   25.2"/640mm 4.1 lb/1.86 kg
 *10740  4 Slot Battery Charger for NiMH Batteries
10741  8 Slot Battery Charger Charges AA and AAA NiMH Rechargeable  Batteries     
 816261  *Four NiMH AA Rechargeable Batteries  The 1200 Series Exacta 2 uses only NiMH Rechargeable AA  Batteries         

 Please Note: the Quick Change dovetail should NEVER be used with any of the adapters or extensions. This includes the J Adapter, the Y Adapter, the DIN Style Adapter, the Standard Tooling Adapter, and any of the extensions. 

*An Important Note About Our NiMH Battery Selection

The 1200 Series Exacta 2 circuit board is designed on the highly consistent 1.2-volt power curve provided by rechargeable NiMH batteries. Other batteries like Alkaline or Lithium batteries provide 1.5 volts in the power curve. The additional voltage will damage the circuit board. 

Please Remember These NiMH Battery Facts:

  • NiMH rechargeable batteries come in a range of mAh (milli-amp-hour) ratings. 
  • The rating difference is the number of operational hours the battery will supply.
  • The higher the mAh rating, the longer the batteries last between charges.
  • High mAh rated batteries take longer to charge than low mAh rated batteries.
  • Quick chargers shorten useful battery life.
  • The trickle charger is the best way to recharge the batteries and preserve battery life. 


Torque Controller Pairings and Compatibility

The 1200 Series Exacta 2 pairs with the Global 400 and Global 400mp. It does not communicate or pair with the Global 8.

Note: The 1200 Series Exacta 2 Digital Torque Wrench is engineered to work with the radio in function mode. It will not perform without the radio function. If you are looking for a digital torque wrench to use in auditing we have a version of the Exacta 2 without the radio. We also have the Exacta 3000 that functions as an auditing tool.  

The new DTC digital torque and angle wrench is also now available. We've taken the heart of the Exacta 2 and placed it in the body of our micrometer adjustable wrench. The result is a slim profile, lightweight, highly accurate digital torque, and angle wrench. 

Contact Your SR Torque Sales Professional

The Exacta 2 wrenches are highly accurate, reliable, and durable. They come equipped with or without wireless radios that connect with the Global Series process monitors. Those tools with radios must be used with radios except during their calibration process. 

To find those digital torque wrenches without radios, go to the Exacta 2, or the 3000 Series Exacta 2 in the manual tools section. For those Exacta 2 wrenches with radios, continue here.  

1200-Series Exacta 2 Digital Torque Wrench  

 Applications & Operation Information 

The 1200 Series Exacta® 2 Digital Torque Wrenches are made specifically to work with the Global 400 and the Global 400mp process monitors. With an accuracy of +/- 1% I.V. and the ability to report both variable and attribute data, you can be sure that all joints are tightened to your specifications.   

NOTE: The 1200 Series Exacta 2 digital torque wrench is designed for simultaneous use with up to three other tools with the Global 400 and the Global 400mp multiple tools for independent use. The 1200 Series Exacta also works with the 1200 ST Series holding tool. Because of the simultaneous operation factor, the 1200 Series Exacta 2 does NOT pair with the Global 8.  

Here’s what you get with our 1200 Series Exacta 2 Digital Torque Wrench: 

  • Bi-directional +/- 1% Indicated Value Accuracy from 20% to 100% of capacity, both CW and CCW. 
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789
  • Wrenches are available with our traditional pin/spring dovetail or our optional quick change (QC) dovetail   
  • Access to well over 200 interchangeable heads that all fit on all of our wrenches.
  • Error Proofing By Guidance with visual and auditory operator feedback.
  • Onboard radio/chipset has expanded memory to process complete P-Set information with a blink of an eye speed of communication.
  • If radio communication is severed the wrench and operator can continue to work and complete the batch count with complete accuracy of both torque and angle.
  • Count Ability: When radio communication is resumed the wrench uploads all batch data to the Global process monitor. Everything is reconciled and accounted for. Think 100% accountability.
  • Programmable Pull To Green Error Proofing By Guidance. You control the exact torque value when the display and LED turn green, meaning you can tighten specifications as needed.
  • Up to four 1200 Series Exactas can operate simultaneously with the Global 400/400mp or they can operate with SLTC FM 2.4 GHz preset click wrenches or our PST 1200  Pneumatic Sensor Transceiver for ported pulse tools and our new Holding Tool Series.
  • Pairs with our new Holding Wrench for applications where two tools are required to create a compliant fastening. (Example: Hydraulics)
  • “OK/BAD” attribute notification, along with variable data on actual torque and unit of measure on display. 
  • Wireless bi-directional communication with Global 400 and Global 400MP controller; downloads specifications, uploads results. 
  • English and SI units of measure. 
  • Tools of 150 capacity and below use SR Interchangeable Heads (1 7/16” Common Centerline).
  • Tools of 250 capacity and below are available in either the traditional dovetail with pin and spring system for interchangeable heads or the Quick Change system. See information on interchangeable heads below.
  • 400 ft. lb. capacity tool uses SR Interchangeable Heads of 3 7/8” Common Centerline.
  • Uses four (4) AA rechargeable NiMH batteries, thousands of cycles between battery charges. Batteries must be purchased separately.
    NOTE: Use only NiMH AA rechargeable batteries in the 1200 Series Exacta 2 wrenches. Other batteries will damage the wrench and void the warranty.  
  • Batteries and Charger not included. 
  • For more information about batteries visit our battery information page   
  • Includes a lightweight and rugged blow-molded storage/carrying case.
  • Includes a FREE certificate of calibration (unit of measure: ft-lb) from our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory!

Interchangeable Head System Information  

Sturtevant Richmont Interchangeable Heads for torque wrenchesThe Richmont Company founder Frank Livermont invented and patented the first interchangeable head system for torque wrenches. That was back in 1956. That patented system was the dovetail. All of our heads are cast/one piece. All of the heads we manufacture fit on all of the wrenches that we manufacture.

Changing heads on our wrenches is fast and easy. Simply insert a small screwdriver head into the access hole on the head, depress the pin and spring, slide the head from the wrench. When replacing the head depress the pin and spring to slide the head onto the dovetail.  

In very high production assemblies when extremely fast head changes are needed, we invented a new system for head changes. This new system is called the Quick Change (QC) System and it is available for the 1100 Series and 1200 Series Exacta 2 wrenches up to  250 Ft. Lb. capacity.  We kept the dovetail to ensure structural integrity and stability. We replaced the pin and spring with a ball bearing and spring. Now, rather than using a small screwdriver to depress the pin and spring, thumb power is used to remove the head.  This system is fast and easy yet it retains the required strength to get the job done right. Those wrenches with the Quick Change system have separate part numbers.  


There is more about error proofing in our tool pages.



Sturtevant Richmont tools are proudly made in Carol Stream, Illinois by highly capable hands.