The Case For Holding Tools (aka Backup Tools)

When you need to hold a hydraulic hose, or a part of a fastener while torque is being applied you don't care what you call the tool. You care that the work is done, done right, and documented. Back up tool, backup tool, holding tool, holding wrench? It's not the name that gets the job done. It's you and the tool. We call our Holding Tool Technology wrenches because we have added the technology of radio that talks with a torque controller. With that small concept comes a big change. 

Now you can document EVERYTHING!

Hydraulic lines can leak even if the connectors are torqued properly. Movement in a line after the fastener has been tightened can cause leakage despite a conforming fastening. When trying to fasten the other end of the hose often causes movement in the previous connection. We all know the headache associated with finding the leaky fitting. Digital torque and angle wrench, Global 400 and the new holding wrenches

That topic occupies a lot of engineering conversations. So where do holding tools fit in?

Hydraulic hoses, even those with metal braiding can have service life dramatically reduced with a little twisting. A twist of seven (7) degrees can reduce hose service life by up to 90%. These facts are from studies by hydraulic hose manufacturers and are reported by hydraulics expert Brendan Casey. On January 19, 2016, his blog covered the topic of hydraulic hose service life. Read Brendan's Blog Post

One of the things Casey notes is that the application technique significantly impacts hose service life. That is where the Sturtevant Richmont holding wrench comes in. 

Holding Tool Technology Wrenches and Global 400 from Sturtevant RichmontThe holding wrench helps prevent the hose from twisting and kinking that contributes to the shortened service life.  Plus the SR holding wrenches are part of a larger wireless tool error-proofing solution. Many of the companies that have hydraulics in their products have implemented the Global 400 wireless error proofing system to take advantage of the holding tools. 

Even those companies that have previously implemented the Global 8 process monitors have upgraded to the Global 400 to take advantage of the holding wrenches. 

When you consider the full cost of shortened hydraulic hose service life, the ROI to either Global 400 1200 Series Exacta 2, 1200 Series Exacta 2 and holding wrenches from Sturtevant RichmontGlobal 400, Exacta 2 digital torque and angle wrench and the new holding tools from Sturtevant Richmontadd the Global 400 to the line or to switch from a Global 8 to a Global 400 is very short. In some cases, the ROI seems to be faster than trying to find a leaking hydraulic fitting on a piece of equipment that has multiple hydraulic lines inside.


Sturtevant Richmont tools are made in Carol Stream, Illinois by highly capable hands.