Ordering Your A3 Retrofit Kit

Part Number 10615 for wrenches up to 1800i/200 Nm

10616 for wrenches over 3000i/339 Nm

Ordering your A3 Retrofit Kit is fast and easy. The kit part number corresponds to wrench size. Order today and we will get the kits out to you quickly.

SLTC FM 2.4 GHz A3 Retrofit Kit

You can quickly and easily convert your existing 6 volt radio and battery boardSLTC FM 2.4 GHz click wrench industrial assembly tool to the new AAA (A3) radio and battery board. All you need is a small Phillips head screwdriver, a needle nose pliers, and the A3 Retrofit Kit.

The A3 battery has significantly longer battery life. Changing the battery with the new A3 configuration takes less than a minute.

The new industrial assembly torque wrench from Sturtevant RichmontThe new raised Fresnel improves visibility from less than optimal angles during wrench usage. 

We have both written instructions as well as video instructions to walk you through the process.

Making the change from the 6-volt battery and board to the new A3 takes less than five minutes. 


The video instructions are found near the bottom of this page. You can also download the retrofit kit instructions here as well. 

Ordering Your A3 Retrofit Kit

If you have a 6-volt SLTC FM 2.4 wrench and want to convert to the new A3 radio board, this chart tells you which kit to order. 

Part Number Model Designation For 6 Volt Wrench Retrofit Kit
810311 SLTC FM 2.4  50i 10615
810312 SLTC FM 2.4  150i 10615
810313 SLTC FM 2.4  300i 10615
810310 SLTC FM 2.4  300i  OHT 10615
810314 SLTC FM 2.4  750i 10615
810315 SLTC FM 2.4  1800i  10615
810321 SLTC FM 2.4  1800i ERGO 10615
810318 SLTC FM 2.4  3000i 10616
810319 SLTC FM 2.4  3600i 10616
810315 SLTC FM 2.4  4800i 10616
810315 SLTC FM 2.4  7200i 10616

Ordering your A3 Retrofit Kit is fast and easy. Use instruction number 857416 to complete the A3 Retrofit Kit installation.  The A3 Retrofit Kit installation video is provided below..



 Sturtevant Richmont tools are proudly made by highly capable union hands. 


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Sturtevant Richmont tools are proudly made by highly capable union hands.