Important Tool Pairing Information: The PST 2000 is designed to work with the Global 8 and the Global 100 only. If you have an application where the Global 400 needs a Pneumatic Sensor Transceiver uses the PST 1200. 

Specification and Ordering Information

PST 2000 Pressure Sensor Transceiver                      

Part NumberModel DesignationDescription
10499 PST 2000 BATT PST 2000 Pressure Sensor Transceiver battery power
10498 PST 2000 Hardwired PST 2000 Pressure Sensor Transceiver 

Have a pneumatic line in your assembly? Want accessible digital data from all the work completed with your pneumatic tools?  The PST 2000 is the latest intelligent tool from the labs at Sturtevant Richmont. The PST 2000 is tool agnostic. It works with all clutch based pulse tools. We don't care about the brand of the air tool. We care about getting the greatest possible accuracy from that tool. 

The PST 2000 functionality is simple: create a standard with the specifications you want and then save it to the Global 8 or Global 100 with which it is paired. Accuracy is ensured because the PST 2000 measures air pressure in the motor compartment. Measuring air pressure anywhere else doesn't make sense. Aren't there already enough variables in air pressure?

Time Time Time

No other company in the industry has taken this technology to the level of sophistication designed into the PST 2000. We have three sets of timers constantly analyzing air pressure and time. 

Log in with the Global Manager Software, open the PST 2000 profile screen and PST 2000 air pressure and time graphthen drag the air pressure and time factors until you have the fastener profile you want.  

Run the fastener and test the resulting torque value on that fastener. Making any changes to the profile is still drag and drop on both the X and Y-axis. (air pressure and time)

Once the standard is in place the PST 2000 and the Global 8 or Global 400 process monitor work together to evaluate each subsequent fastening. The PST 2000 uses a radio transceiver to receive instructions and report results. The Global process monitor provides visual and auditory feedback on the results of each fastener.  

See Global 8 Introduction Video for more information.

Error Proofing By Design

We build error-proofing into everything we do. That has always been the basis for our company. Our PST Series of Pneumatic Sensor Transceivers is the only tool of its kind to measure air pressure in the motor chamber. We did that because the motor chamber is the most accurate place to measure air pressure. We designed our tool to measure air pressure where it is actually being used. Measuring air pressure anywhere else in the chain only leads to variance. Some companies measure air pressure at the source. Customers tell us that a lot can happen between the source of the air pressure and the air when it finally reaches the motor compartment. 

Error Proofing By Behavior Modification

The PST Series and the Global Series of process monitors provide robust Error Proofing By Behavior Modification.  The Global Series process monitor provides the operator with the number of fasteners in the parameter, provides visual and auditory feedback on each fastener, and continual information on where the operator is in the process of completing the active parameter. 

Assume for a second that the operator creates a reject. Chances are the fastener was not overtightened because the PST shuts off the air upon reaching the pre-established time and air pressure coordinates. The root cause of that error could be one of several things. 

  • Did the operator "double hit" a fastener that was already tightened?
  • Did the operator let go of a clutch too soon in anticipating completion?
  • Was the fastener cross threaded?

These errors are all separate and distinct. By examining the air/time pattern the operator can immediately determine the nature of the error and then fix it. The pattern of air pressure and time are the factors used in making the assessment. Our customers tell us that this type of valuable feedback changes operator behavior in a positive way.

The PST 2000 is easy and simple to add to your line and connecting the radio in the PST 2000 is as easy as flipping a switch.

The PST 2000 has two power options: battery or AC powered. In high activity applications (two or more fastenings a minute) we recommend using NiMH AA rechargeable batteries. In high activity applications, these batteries have proven to last longer and provide a greater number of cycles per battery.

If you tighten one fastener per minute or less than 10 fasteners in 10 minutes, the alkaline battery provides more cycles per battery. For more information about batteries see our video Assault With Batteries and How To Kill a Torque Wrench

Please Note: The PST 2000 works with the Global 8 and Global 400. With the Global 400, the PST 2000 functions as a single tool and cannot take advantage of the four simultaneous tool applications. If you have a Global 100 installation it will also work with that. 

If the simultaneous tool application is important and you want to include the use of a holding tool with a pneumatic tool, please explore the PST 1200.


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