Small Tool With a HUGE Impact

The mini-torquer is no ordinary tool. Tiny for it's size, it has the heart of a much larger tool. 

Preset Mini-Torque Wrench is Here

We first built this wrench more than 50 years ago. People loved it. We took it out of our catalog and we didn't put it on our website. 

Recent changes in manufacturing seem to have rekindled interest in this preset torque wrench. Sales have made dramatic leaps over the last three years so we thought it was time to put it in the catalog on and on the website. 


  • Torque capacity up to 5.6 Nm
  • Accuracy of +/- 4% Indicated Value
  • Easy to calibrate and set torque value
  • A small preset tool designed for assembly operations where access is limited and low torque values are required. 
  • Simple to preset and use. 
  • When torque is reached you can feel the wrench break and an audible click is emitted. 
  • Interchangeable heads are available.
  • Note: this torque wrench is NOT equipped with the dovetail. It is the only torque wrench we make with interchangeable heads that DOES NOT come with our dovetail. 
  • Maintains a common centerline for all interchangeable heads


  • Part # Description Capacity Length Diameter Weight
    810638 Mini-Torquer/Metric 5.6 Nm 4 1/8" 9/16" 3.2 oz