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When the wrench clicks, the designated amount of torque has been applied. Stop pulling. Continuing to pull after the wrench clicks can increase the applied torque to a value that exceeds the engineering specification. 

This micrometer adjustable torque wrench measures and applies torque in the clockwise direction. Using this wrench in the counter-clockwise direction will apply torque, but it will not measure torque because it does not click in the counter-clockwise direction. 

Specification and Ordering Information

SD Micrometer Adjustable Click Wrench English Units of Measure                              

Part Number Model Designation Low Capacity High Capacity Graduation A (in.) B (in.) C (in.) D (in.) Weight (lbs.) Drive Size (in.)
869160 2 SD 50 I MG 10 in-lb 50 In-lb 1 in-lb 9.4 0.9 0.9 0.9 1.0 1/4"
869161 2 SD 150 I MG 30 in-lb 150 in-lb 2 in-lb 9.4 0.9 0.9 0.9 1.0 1/4"
869159 3 SD 200 I MG 40 in-lb 200 in-lb 2 in-lb 9.4 0.9 1.1 0.9 1.0 3/8"
869163 3 SD 750 I MG 150 in-lb 750 In lb 5 in-lb 13.6 0.9 1.2 0.9 1.1 3/8"
869167 4 SD 150 MG 30 ft-lb 150 ft-lb 1 ft-lb 17.0 0.9 1.3 0.9 2.0 1/2"
810600* 6 SD 600              100 ft-lb 600 ft-lb 5 ft-lb 36.4 1.6 1.4 2.0 8.8 3/4"

*An optional extension tube, part number 853363 can be ordered. Use of the extension tube requires wrench recalibration. 

The best Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench Square drive

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Ordering Information 

SD Series Micrometer Adjustable Click Wrench Metric Units of Measure -                    

Part Number Model Designation Low Range (Nm) High Range (Nm) Graduation (Nm) A (cm) B (cm) C (cm) D (cm) Weight (kg) Square Drive Size (mm)
810601* 6 SD 800 Nm 150 800 92.46 4.06 3.556 5.1 3.992 19.05

 *Optional handle extension may be ordered, part number 853363. Use of the extension handle requires tool recalibration with the handle attached.


The Fixed Square Drive Series Micrometer Adjustable Wrench

The Fixed Square Drive Micrometer Adjustable torque wrench has the engineering, design, high-quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship that delivers the accuracy, reliability, and durability of the others in this Series. 

 Features and Characteristicsknurl grip SD Series micrometer adjustable

  • Accuracy of +/-4% of Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of the rated capacity for that wrench.
  • This meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789.
  • The square drive is exceptionally strong.
  • Change torque values very quickly with the fewest handle rotations of any tool to reach full scale.
  • The grip lock keeps the torque value in place until it is intentionally changed.
  • Strong audible and tactile pulse when set torque value is achieved. 
  • The Knurl Grip handle is rugged and comfortable in your hand for long periods of time.  <
  • Includes FREE certification from our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory.
  • All wrenches up to 250 ft-lb or 300 Nm capacity come with a free rugged blow-molded case. 
  • Wrenches larger than 250 ft-lb or 300Nm come in a metal case. 




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