Please Note: The Global 100 Has Been Replaced by the Global 400. If you have a Global 100 you may want to seriously consider upgrading to a Global 400 because there is a dramatic difference in the

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The Global 100 Process Monitor/Controller.


Global 100 controls any combination of up to 20 PST-equipped ported pulse tools, 1100-Series Exacta® 2 digital torque wrenches, 2.4 GHz preset torque wrenches or select battery-powered tools.

The Global 100 manages up to 100 parameters and organizes them into up to 100 jobs. Jobs can be a VIN number, part number or some proprietary system based on your needs.

Features and Specifications

  • Maximum number of torque tools controlled in any combination: 20
  • Two-Way Communication with 1100-Series Exacta® 2 Digital Torque Wrenches
  • Two-Way Communication with PST Pressure Sensor/Transceiver for
    ported pulse tools
  • Two-Way Communication with 2.4 GHz Wireless Preset Torque Wrenches
  • Manages & communicates variable torque data
  • Manages & communicates attribute torque data
  • Downloads assembly specifications to tools
  • Performs task sequencing
  • Accepts task sequencing from external commands
  • The display shows the current tool and current tightening status
  • LED’s for Cycle Accept, Cycle Reject, and Batch Accept
  • No 10-Pin I/O port for 24 VDC signals & relays
  • Beeper augments visual communication
  • Softkey programming on the front panel
  • 2.4 GHz RF communication distance up to 50’ (16m)
  • 9-pin serial connector for serial printer
  • 1 tool assigned per parameter
  • Only the tool assigned to a current parameter is active
  • 100 jobs organized
  • 100 parameters organized
  • 30 parameters per job
  • Bar code capable
  • Communicates is Open Protocol via Ethernet
  • 2400 stored historical torque events

Third-party software that performs data logging and facilitates programming tasks for Global 8 units can be found and downloaded here.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Global 100 (10495)

  1. The Global 100 does use ACOP. The primary difference between the Global 100 and Global 8 with ACOP is that the Global 100 supports more Open Protocol commands. Instead of 8 parameters, the G100 has 100 parameters and they can be assigned to a Job. A Job can consist of up to 30 parameters. The Global 100 can store up to 100 Jobs. When the Job command is sent to the G 100, it will guide the operator through the Job one parameter at one time. The Global 100 can also communicate with 20 tools instead of only 8 tools as in the Global 8. The Global 100 can also be maintained via the Ethernet connection and the utility software that is supplied free of charge. It is necessary to pair or “learn” the radio of the G100 and the tool at the controller using the menu screens, however creating the parameters can be accomplished over the Ethernet from your computer with the software.
  2. The Global 100 uses the same I/O cable as the Global 8. It is very important to understand that the only functional portion of the I/O for the G100 are the Outputs. Only the Suspend Input is functional. We basically have used the operating framework of the Global 8 for the G 100. In the G 8 there is the capacity for 8 parameters. Engineering increased the G100 capacity by storing the parameters on the network card that is separate from the Global 8 processor that manages the 8 parameters. The G100 is really an Ethernet-based system. The command to select a parameter or a job is done via the Ethernet connection or the serial barcode input. Once a parameter is selected it overwrites one of the 8 parameter slots (leftover from the Global 8). Overwriting the parameter slot is random and there is no way for the PLC to know what or where the parameter is in the 8 slots. We can accept a suspend and we can provide Accept, Reject or Batch Accept, but that is all the I/O is capable of.


Specification and Ordering Information

Part NumberModel DesignationDescription
10495 Global 100 Global 100 Torque Control


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