The TorqTronics Digital Torque Tester 

The TorqTronics digital torque tester was replaced by the TorqTronics 2 digital torque tester in August 2013. While we continue to repair and calibrate the TorqTronics models, we recommend moving to TorqTronics 2 once you are comfortable with that choice.  

While many of the features remained the same the big technology advancement is "Fail-Safe Engineering" which is an eight (8) factor protocol that immediately initiates when the transducer is pulled to 20% (or more) over the rated capacity. While our transducers are very rugged we recommend that you check the transducer to see if it is capable of providing the accuracy you want and need. To learn more about the TorqTronics 2 digital torque tester and Fail-Safe Engineering, click here.  

Please note that some electronic parts for TorqTronics units have not been available for several years. While we are doing our best to repair the testers, not all electronics are available. In those cases, it may be time to consider the purchase of a TorqTronics 2 unit. 


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2 Minute Torque Talk Full Scale and Indicated Value





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