System 4/5 Digital Torque Tester

The System 4/5 is the heart of the torque calibration systems at many Fortune 500 companies - for some very good reasons. 

The System 4/5 provides the choice of two accuracy levels to meet your requirements; the System 4 has a +/- 0.5% Indicated Value accuracy, and the System 5 provides an even tighter +/- 0.25 Indicated Value accuracy to meet the most stringent requirements. 

Thirty torque transducers in three different designs are available, providing calibration capability ranging from a low of 2.5 inch ounces through 2000 foot pounds. The extensive range is coupled with a modular system structure to give you the ability to create a system tailored specifically for your needs. Yet is has the ability to expand as your needs change. 

the use of MIL-spec connectors, shock resistant bezel, and recessed/oil resistant/RF-shielded membrane switch panel in an aluminum housing provides exceptional durability. This makes the System 4/5 as suitable for the shop floor, aircraft hangar, and tool crib as it is in the laboratory. 

Four modes of operation enable the System 4/5 to calibrate all types of torque wrenches and non-impact power tools. The broad range of accessories available for the System 4/5 extends its capabilities while increasing its already significant capacity.

Torque tool manager software mechanical loaders in three capacities, the switch box, joint simulators, all combine to make the System 4/5 the tester of choice for assemblers and cal-laboratories seeking to optimize their torque tool calibration system. 

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System Specifications

Measurement System 4 System 5
Accuracy @ 72 Degrees F (22 Degrees Celsius) +/- 0.5% I.V.  +/- 0.25% I.V. 

Accuracy Range

10%-100% Capacity 10%-100% Capacity
System Resolution 3.5 Digit 4.5 Digit
Resolution (A/D Converter) 1/65,536 1/65,536
Conversion Rate 100 KHz 100 KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio 82 db 78 db

More information

Physical Each System
Weight, Battery Model 6.9 lbs.  (3.1 Kg)
Weight, AC Model 4.3 lbs.  (2.0 Kg)
Dimensions Height 3.375 "  (96 mm)
Dimensions Width 7.56"  (192 mm)   
Dimensions Depth 8.64" (220 mm)
Display 1 x 16
Keyboard Membrane Switch Panel

Aluminum, plastic bezel.

Meets MIL - T - 28800E, Type 5, Class E Specifications

Transducer Interface MS3102A  18-01S Amphenol Serial Interface RS 232C, 4800/n/1,  ASC II Handshake


Ordering Information

Part Number  Model Designation Description
10000 System 4 -BATT System 4 With Battery and Charger
10050 System 4 - AC 120 System 4 With 120 VAC line operation
10051 System 5 -BATT System 5 With Battery and Charger
10052 System 5 - AC 120 System 5 With 120 VAC line operation
10053 System 4 - AC 240 System 4 With 240 VAC line operation
10054 System 4 -BATT/240 VAC System 4 With Battery and Charger, 240 VAC*
10055 System 5 - 240 VAC System 5 With 240 VAC line operation*
10056                              System 5 -BATT/240 VAC System 5 -With Battery and charger/240 VAC*



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