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Square Drive Ratchet interchangeable head for torque wrenches 

Square Drive Ratchets/Hold and Drive Tools/Ratchet Renewal Kits


Open End interchangeable heads for torque wrenches 

Open End Interchangeable Heads English Units of Measure

Open end interchangeable heads metric units of measure

 Open End Interchangeable Heads Metric


Open End Ratcheting Interchangeable Heads for Torque wrenches 

Ratcheting Open End




Box Head Interchangeable Heads for Torque Industrial Assembly Tools

 Box Head



Flare Nut Interchangeable Head for torque wrenches

Flare Nut



Ratcheting Flare Nut interchangeable Heads for torque assembly tools 

 Ratcheting Flare Nut



Ratcheting Tube Wrench for Industrial Assembly Tools   

Ratcheting Tube Wrench



Square Drive interchangeable head for torque tools

Square Drive



Hex Drive interchangeable Heads for industrial torque assembly tools  

Hex Drive 



Extension - 15 Degree Angle


Straight Extension for torque wrenches   

 Extension - Straight


round style heads adapter 

Adapter for Round Style Heads



Adapter for standard tooling 

Adapter for Standard Tooling



DIN Style adapter 

Adapter for DIN Style Heads



Note: All of our heads fit on all of our wrenches. Our largest head fits on our smallest wrench and our smallest head fits on our largest wrench. 

Why is that important?

When we patented the first interchangeable heads for torque wrenches back in 1956 we wanted to create a system that is truly interchangeable. You buy one set of wrenches and one set of heads and all the heads fit on all of the wrenches. That means you don't have to buy as many wrenches and heads as you do with the "plug-based" wrench system that requires you to buy multiple wrenches and multiple heads to cover different sized fasteners in the same torque range. 

Interchangeable heads for torque wrenchesWith our system, you buy fewer pieces, and those pieces last longer. There is less to inventory. There is less to manage. You don't have to buy as many spares. That means fewer wrenches to calibrate. 

Our interchangeable head system saves time, money, and headaches. 



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