Caution When Using Head Extensions and Head Adapters!

  • Do not use these with CCM-Series torque wrenches.
  • Do not use these with the Quick Change dovetail. 
  • Preset the torque wrench after the extension and fastener engagement head have been attached to the tool.

Ordering Information and Specifications

Dimensions refer to the illustration on the right.

Part NumberModel DesignationA (in.)B (in.)C (in.)D (in.)Torque Rating (in lb)
819424 LTCE - 4 4 1.125 0.375 1.125 300
819467 LTCE - 6 6 1.25 0.375 1.125 800
819021 LTCE - 14 14 1.75 0.375 1.5 4800


  • These extensions are designed for use with LTC, SLTC, and SLTC-FM preset torque wrenches. They can be used to extend the length of the tool when access to the fastener is difficult without the extra length. The preset torque wrench must always be preset after the extension and the fastener engagement interchangeable head has been attached.
  • These extensions must be used with the Pin & Spring dovetail and should never be sued with the Quick Change dovetail. 



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