Why So Many Companies Buy Sturtevant Richmont Digital Torque Testers

There are a lot of different reasons for buying the Sturtevant Richmont line of digital torque testers. Rather than tell you why our customers buy our digital torque testers, we would rather let them speak for themselves.


"More than anything it is the ease of use. When you are bump testing all the tools every day, simple and fast makes it easy. We like the 4 buttons does it all approach."  

                                                           -Tool Crib Manager/Auto Plant

TorqTronics 2

"We have multiple units spread around different areas. They all have the same footprint so mounting is very easy. We were surprised to learn that when we added 17 Global 400 units they had the same mounting pattern. No mistakes!"

                                                            - Quality Manager/Truck Builder

"Everything we do is systematized. When we learned that TorqTronics 2 took serial commands and that we could control it from a central location, we pushed ahead. Yes, it is durable, yes it has the Fail-Safe Engineering feature. We like that. But having the ability to write a quick program to control the TorqTronics 2 with serial commands combined with everything else made too much sense to pass up."

                                                        -Director of Metrology/Medical Technology 



"We implemented a daily verification program with the TorqTronics 2. We test hand tools and power tools on TorqTronics 2. Not only were we able to tell which tools don't hold calibration very well, but we also learned which workers were the most careful and which were most careless. It gave us an entirely new view of the assembly."

                                -Plant Manager/Supplier to Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

System 8

 "We bought Sturtevant Richmont years back. The transducers are overbuilt and we like that. We just retired our System 4/5 and we were able to move some of the transducers over to System 8. That kind of compatibility gives me the chance to manage my budget better so I can buy what we want when we need it rather than a mad buying spree with zero-based budgeting."

                           -Calibration Lab Manager/Manufacturer