System 8 Tester and Switch Module Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
10600 System 8 Digital Torque Tester
10601 Transducer Switch Module
10293 4' Transducer Cable (1.25 Meters)
21555 Domestic and International Power Supply

*An Important Note About Our NiMH Battery Selection

The System 8 circuit board is designed on the highly consistent 1.2-volt power curve provided by rechargeable NiMH batteries. Other batteries like Alkaline or Lithium batteries provide 1.5 volts in the power curve. The additional voltage will damage the circuit board. 

Please Remember These NiMH Battery Facts:

  • NiMH rechargeable batteries come in a range of mAh (milli-amp hour) ratings. 
  • The rating difference is the number of operational hours the battery will supply.
  • The higher the mAh rating, the longer the batteries last between charges.
  • High mAh rated batteries take longer to charge than low mAh rated batteries.
  • Quick chargers shorten useful battery life.
  • The trickle charger is the best way to recharge the batteries and preserve battery life. 

Batteries: System 8 uses NiMH rechargeable batteries. A range of mAh ratings can be used in System 8 because NiMH batteries all have an identical power supply curve. The higher mAh rated batteries can provide more cycles between recharges than do the lower mAh rated batteries.

NiMH Rechargeable Batteries for System 8 digital torque testerThe lower rated batteries charge faster than the higher rated batteries. As long as you use NiMH rechargeable batteries the System 8 will perform as expected. Using batteries other than NiMH batteries could damage the System 8 and provide inaccurate readings, damage the electronics and void the warranty. 

Transducers are sold separately. 

Transducers range from 2.5 in oz (1.77 cNm) to 2000 ft-lb (2712 Nm) 

Note: With Sturtevant Richmont you are in complete control of your purchase. You select only the equipment you need and nothing more.

We do not provide predetermined packages that increase your cost by adding equipment you don't need or want. 

Contact Your Local SR Sales Professional 

Systems 8 Digital Torque Tester

Are you testing tools with multiple torque ranges? Need to create calibration certificates?

System 8 is designed for you. The Transducer Switch Module allows you to immediately change to a different transducer without having to dismount, mount, and wire a transducer to create a new range of torque values.

System 8, Transducer Switch Module, and transducers are sold separately so you can design your own system and only buy what you need.

System 8 is our most accurate digital torque tester and features Fail Safe Engineering!

  • Like all Sturtevant Richmont tools, it is built for accuracy, reliability, and durability. System 8 meets or exceeds the following standards:
  • ASME B107.300 - 2010 Electronic Tester, Hand Torque Tools
  • ISO 5393 Rotary tools for threaded fasteners- Performance test methods.
  • ASME B107.4M Driving and Spindle Ends for Portable Hand, Air, and Electric Tools (Percussion Tools Excluded).
  • ISO 1773 Assembly Tools for Bolts and Screws – Driving Squares for Power Socket Wrenches and Hand Socket Wrenches.
  • ISO 1774-2 Assembly Tools for Bolts and Screws – Driving Squares for power socket tools.


Because you configure the Sturtevant Richmont System 8 to your specific needs calibration range flexibility is at your fingertips.

The new System 8® line of Digital Torque Testers is ideal for interim or daily torque testing programs for use on clicker torque wrenches, cam-over torque tools, torque screwdrivers, and non-impact power tools.
The ten (10) filters for testing impulse tools expand your control and achieves greater accuracy during testing. While you can test pulse tools and battery-powered tools, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER TEST AN IMPACT WRENCH ON A STURTEVANT RICHMONT TESTER. DOING SO IMMEDIATELY VOIDS THE WARRANTY. 

System 8 allows you to set a target torque value and establish a percent of accuracy to meet the standards required for the tool that is being tested. When downloading the test results the nominal( target) torque value is displayed, along with the actual torque value, direction of torque, unit of measure, mode of operation, OK/NOK status, System 8 serial number, date/time stamp. The information is supplied as a CSV file for easy export to Excel or other database software programs. 

A Common Foot Print Makes Common Sense

All but six of our torque testing transducers share a common footprint. Whether you select a TT Series, a QC Series, or an L Series, the footprint is the same. No need to buy or build additional fixtures for mounting. We recognize customers sometimes don't send their equipment back to SR for annual certification. When independent labs receive transducers they must create a fixture to mount the transducer for deadweight calibration. By having a common bolt pattern for 80% of our most popular sized transducers, one fixture is all that is needed.  This is another way we design cost savings into your budget. 

System 8® Features and Characteristics

  • An accuracy of +/- .25% of Indicated Value from 10% to 100% of rated capacity.
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of ASME B107.300-2010.
  • Tests in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions with the SAME ACCURACY.
  • Four modes of operation - Track, Peak, Initial Peak, and Power Tool - provide excellent versatility.
  • Units of measure include English, Standard International, and Metric.
  • With only 8 buttons the System 8® is amazingly simple to operate!
  • Can be directed with ASCII files via your network. 
  • The memory stores up to 999 records that can be downloaded to Hyper-Terminal or terminal type program to create testing reports and data storage.
  • A four-line vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) is easy to read under any lighting conditions.
  • Error Proofing By Guidance: Red/Green LED indicates whether a measurement is within the target torque value range.
  • Error Proofing By Guidance: Fail-Safe Engineering - Overload (120% of capacity) warning is built-in and all torque readings are recorded.
  • Includes a FREE certificate of calibration from our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory!  
  • Includes 120-240 VAC to 6VDC screw-on power supply for security during power tool testing.
  • Runs on four AA NiMH rechargeable
    batteries. Batteries sold separately. A quick charge unit is available. Always use NiMH rechargeable batteries with your Sturtevant Richmont torque testers. Using any other battery type can damage sophisticated electronics and immediately voids the warranty. 
  • Includes a customized molded plastic box for storage and transit.
  • Power Tool mode has ten filters and will accurately test all clutch type and pulse tools.
  • AC power connection is screwed on to prevent any power loss during power tool testing. 
  • The Anti-Static strap included with your Torq Tronics 2 or System 8 ensures limited electronic interference. One end of the strap is screwed into the power outlet where your test instrument is plugged in. The other attaches to the base of your test instrument. This anti-static strap is an integral part of your calibration instrument operation and is required for operation.

What Is Fail-Safe Engineering?

Customers tell us we build the most reliable torque testing instruments and transducers on the market. But even the strongest instruments are subject to the rigors of the industrial world.

Calibration labs and in-house testing face the same question:
What good is testing torque tools with a tester that unknowingly could be out of calibration?

System 8 solves this long-standing challenge with Fail-Safe Engineering. When a transducer is pulled to 120% or more of the rated capacity, Fail-Safe Engineering automatically notifies everyone of a potential problem and tracks all work completed until the issue is resolved. At this point, we are providing your operation with Error Proofing By Guidance because the entire protocol is engineered to guide your technicians and operators to identify and correct the issue. 

We designed the flashing LED to get attention from anyone who has a clear line of sight on the unit. That flashing red LED will get attention.

Error Proofing By Guidance and by Behavior Modification: Fail-Safe Engineering automatically initiates these powerful steps:

  1. The secondary memory (we call it the “Elephant Memory” because it is indelible) activates and all activities are recorded.
  2. The overload warning “OVL” is readily visible in the top line of the display.
  3. Functionality is reduced and the unit no longer works.
  4. The lower-left corner of the display indicates OVL instead of OK/BAD when an overload situation exists.
  5. The red LED continues to flash and will do so until the power is turned off or the transducer has been reset.
  6. When power is restored the display denotes that there has been an Over Capacity incident and that the unit should be verified and reset.
  7. When power is restored the red LED resumes flashing and the incident that threw the unit into Fail Safe mode is shown on the display.
  8. All test events are marked with OVL rather than OK/BAD until the unit has been restored.
  9. The “Elephant Memory” recording the overload incident and the subsequent testing cannot be erased.
  10. If the worker tries to erase any of the post overload events the display will read “120% OVL See Supervisor”
  11. Restoring the unit to full functionality and stopping all Fail Safe Engineering is password protected and can be reset with 4 keystrokes.

Note: With System 8 the Fail-Safe Engineering functionality is only operable on transducers that have been pulled to 120% (or more) Over Capacity. All other transducers will continue to operate normally. Switching back to the overloaded transducer will reactivate the Fail-Safe Engineering sequence.

Testing power tools and need run-down fixtures? Need to repair/refresh your run-down fixtures? We can help!

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