Specification and Ordering Information Capacity Provided in English and Metric Units of Measure

Part NumberModel DesignationDescriptionDrive Size
10349 RDF 1 Nm Rundown Fixture, 1 Nm/10 in-lb capacity 1/4" Female Hex
10350 RDF 3 Nm Rundown Fixture, 3 Nm/25 in-lb capacity 1/4" Female Hex
10351 RDF 6 Nm Rundown Fixture, 6 Nm/50 in-lb capacity 1/4" Female Hex
10352 RDF 17 Nm Rundown Fixture, 17 Nm/150 in-lb capacity 3/8" Female Hex
10353 RDF 34 Nm Rundown Fixture, 34 Nm/300 in-lb capacity 3/8" Female Hex
10354 RDF 34 Nm Rundown Fixture, 34 Nm/300 in-lb capacity 1/2" Male Square
10355 RDF 68 Nm Rundown Fixture, 68 Nm/600 in-lb capacity 1/2" Male Square
10356 RDF 109 Nm Rundown Fixture, 109 Nm/960 in-lb capacity 1/2" Male Square
10357 RDF 204 Nm Rundown Fixture, 204 Nm/1800 in. lb. capacity 1/2" Male Square
10358 RDF 339 Nm Rundown Fixture, 339 Nm/3000 in. lb. capacity 3/4" Male Square

Applications & Characteristics

Rundown fixtures assist in testing the output of pulse, stall, and clutch power tools. Neither our testers nor our rundown fixtures are designed, engineered, or suited for impact tools. Testing impact tools on our equipment can damage the torque tester and immediately voids the warranty.

Testing pulse and clutch power tools are accomplished by allowing the tool to achieve rotational speed prior to torque measurement. The rundown fixtures all include components to emulate either a hard or medium joint, thus assuring greater test accuracy.

The rundown fixtures work with Torq-Tronics 2 (+/- .5% Indicated Value) and our new System 8 (+/- .25% Indicated Value) Digital Torque Testers.

Filters and Testing

Both Torq-Tronics 2 and the System 8 digital torque testers have power tool testing filters built. Matching tool capacity, rundown fixture capacity, and transducer capacity is the basis for creating accurate test results. 

Power Tool Testing FAQ

Q: Rundown tools emulate medium and hard joints. Why not soft joints?

A: Torque tools and torque measurements are not impacted by joint hardness. However, there is ONE exception: Soft joints and power tools. 

Q: Why are power tools impacted by soft joints?

A: Our PST Series of Pneumatic Sensor Transceivers are a great example of the soft joint impact on a fastening. Example: Tightening a 5 bolt manifold onto a motor the time/air pressure combination changes. The first two or sometimes three fasteners are pulling the manifold close to the engine.