The 1350 Series TD Digital Torque and Angle Torque Drivers bring a new level of torque control and accuracy to your low torque applications.

Here is a quick list of features that help make your low torque applications error-free.

  • The 1350 Series TD is compatible with the Global 400 and Global 400mp controllers.
  • Meets/exceeds ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789
  • Clockwise Torque: +/- 2% of the Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of rated capacity, +/- 4% of the Indicated Value from 5% to 19% of rated capacity.
  • Counterclockwise Torque: +/- 4% of the Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of rated capacity, +/- 6% of the Indicated Value from 5% to 19% of rated capacity.
  • Comes in two torque capacities:       
    • The 80 inch-pound driver range is 4 to 80 inch-pounds. 
    • The 100 inch-ounce driver range is 5 to 100 inch-ounces. 
  • All torque and angle settings are set using the Global 400 or Global 400mp. Error proofing feature: parameters cannot be set using the buttons on the torque screwdriver. This prevents any inadvertent P-Set changes and protects your assembly process integrity. 
  • You can pair this tool with multiple P-Sets at different torque or torque and angle values because it is a digital tool. This can be used to replace multiple preset tools. 
  • TAM function (Torque and Angle Monitoring) provides you with "double hit" protection. If a fastener reaches torque without the required degrees of rotation the fastener is rejected as non-compliant. 
  • Torque and angle functionality can also alert the operator if a gasket or washer is missing because it shows changing joint conditions. 
  • The display backlight is visible when torque is applied. Displays the torque and angle value on the digital display on the screwdriver.
  • Visible from any angle, the light band on the driver turns yellow, then green, the driver beeps, and the body vibrates when target torque is achieved.
  •  The female hexagon version, as well as the male square drive version, gives you the flexibility to meet all of your torque driver application needs.
  •  ESD Compliant when the grounding strap is properly worn.
  • XBee radio 2.4 GHz - 12 broadcast channels to optimize radio connectivity.
  • Powered by 1 AA NiMH rechargeable battery. The TD ships with two NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • Chargers are sold separately.
  • Recommended for the 10770 and the 10771: best use with the L-Grip handle to assist in effortlessly reaching the 80 inch-pound capacity. DO NOT use the L-Grip with the 100 inch-ounce model. You will over-torque the tool. Over-torquing the tool can cause damage and void the warranty.
  • L-Grip handles (PN# 10769) are available for separate purchase and are NOT included with the tool. 
  • Password protected
  • Units of measure: in-oz, in-lb, ft-lb, cNm, NM, cmkg
  • Modes of operation: Peak, TAM, T2A, Residual
  • Comes with a Certificate of Calibration from our ISO 17025 Accredited Lab. 
  • Our calibration lab is accredited in both torque and angle.  

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Part Number

Model Capacity Length Weight Drive Style  
10770 1350 Series TD (Torque Driver 80) 80 in. lb. 7.5" 8 oz.  1/4" Female Hex  
10771 1350 Series TD (Torque Driver 80) 80 in. lb. 7.5" 8 oz. 1/4" Male SQ DR  
10772 1350 Series TD (Torque Driver 100) 100 in. oz. 7.5" 8 oz. 1/4" Female Hex  

 L-Grip ordered separately. 

10740  4 Slot Battery Charger          
10741 8 Slot Battery Charger          


***The 1350 TD ships with two NiMH AA rechargeable batteries.  Chargers are sold separately.

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