Introducing the TAC Hardwired Series!

The TAC digital torque and angle click wrench has been embraced by customers on six continents. Once customers understand the value our tools bring they ask for more. 

We've added four new features to the TAC wrench, and a whole new series of TAC wrenches. Introducing the TAC Hardwired Series. The TAC Hardwired Series is identical to our existing TAC wrench in every way but one. Our existing TAC wrench is powered by a single AAA NiMH rechargeable 1,000 mAh battery. The new TAC Hardwired Series is powered by a transformer and the power to the radio is supplied by a tethered cable. 

The accuracy is still +/- 4% of indicated value in both directions. 

The radio is an identical radio and it broadcasts over the same 12 channels using our proprietary protocol. 

Both series operate in Peak and Torque and Angle Monitoring. 

The capacities are the same for both the TAC Hardwired and the TAC. 

Both provide torque and angle values of where the wrench clicked and where the operator stopped pulling. If you are trying to drive errors from your assemblies, this feature is highly valuable. 

Added New Features

With the release of the TAC Hardwired Series, we are adding new features to both the battery-powered and hardwired tool series. These new features require firmware upgrades to existing tools and controllers. Tools and controllers shipping from the factory now will already have the upgrades installed. 

The four newly added features require tool firmware R002-5 or later. The Global 400 Controller firmware required is 1.5.1 or later. The Global 400mp firmware required is 4.4.1 or later. 


TAC Features

  • You get the speed and agility of a click-wrench because it is a click-wrench.
  • Audible/tactile pulse when preset torque is achieved.
  • You can keep up with the shortest of takt times. 
  • You get the accuracy and reporting capabilities of a digital wrench because it is a digital wrench. 
  • Fully compatible with the Global 400, Global 400mp, and the TCV e2 torque controllers. 
  • Works with the Patented Holding Tool when used with the Global 400 or Global 400mp. 
  • Access to over 200 interchangeable heads that all fit on the end of the Pin and Spring Dovetail.
  • Heads "Lock On" to the Dovetail when the head is centered on the wrench.
  • Powered by one AAA NiMH rechargeable battery.
  • Using any battery other than a AAA NiMH immediately voids the warranty. 
  • Good battery life. Use a recharged battery at the beginning of a shift. 
  • Ships with two NiMH rechargeable batteries. The charger is sold separately.
  • Accuracy of +/- 4% of the indicated value between 20% and 100% of the rated torque capacity.
  • Is equipped with two LEDs. One LED is the traditional Green/Red for OK/NOK. The other LED is a blue LED that pulses when the tool becomes active and is ready for use. LED holds solid blue upon batch completion. 
  • Pulsing blue LED timing can be adjusted in the controller to help operators identify the active tool if there are multiple TAC wrenches in a work cell. 
  • Requires a special tool to set torque value. This prevents inadvertent changes to the torque output.  
  • Comes with ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate if we set the torque value at the factory. 
  • Our calibration lab is accredited in both torque and angle. 
  • Torque modes of operation include Click and Peak. Click reads the torque value at which the wrench clicked. Peak reads the highest applied torque value. 
  • Operates in Torque and Angle Monitoring (TAM). Modes of operation are set in the controller and can be changed on a parameter-by-parameter basis. 
  • Torque value must be changed by adjusting spring tension. 


If you are calibrating the TAC wrench, you will need the software and wireless radio interface to calibrate the tool. This package is sold separately. To get the calibration kit, order part number 10711. In addition to SR CONNECT, you'll need spacers that are placed inside the wrench when it is disassembled during the calibration process. We recommend that calibration technicians are trained at our factory prior to attempting to calibrate the TAC wrench. 

SR CONNECT is the wireless radio interface that allows the software to talk with the tool. Prior to calibration, the wrench must be released from the controller. Since there is no physical access port on the tool, the calibration table must be loaded into the tool via the wireless radio interface. The SR CONNECT wireless interface facilitates that. 

We are producing videos on how to use the SR CONNECT wireless interface. They will be posted on a separate page on our website. 

Use of Extension Handle With the TAC Wrench

If you need extra length, you can use the 853601 Extension Handle. Like our other tools, the use of the extension handle requires recalibration. For the TAC wrench, recalibration with the Extension Handle in place should be done at the factory. 

Interchangeable Heads

By building the TAC digital torque and angle preset click wrench with our traditional pin & spring dovetail, you can use well over 200 interchangeable heads that maintain a common centerline. You can learn about the common centerline and our selection of well over 200 interchangeable heads for torque wrenches by visiting our web pages.