TAC Adds Four New Capabilities!

It is the same great wrench it has always been and we've added new capabilities. The wrench has NOT physically changed. These new capabilities are all added by firmware updates. 

Customers around the globe have embraced the TAC wrench. And why not? The TAC gives you everything you want and nothing you don't. 

Operators get the simplicity and ease of use of a preset click-wrench because it is a preset click-wrench. 

Engineers get the speed and agility they want from a tool to meet their production goals. 

Managers get accuracy, repeatability, and the actual torque and angle values of where the operator stopped pulling. 

This comes with performance that outshines the competitors at a very budget-friendly price point. 

Four New Capabilities Firmware Upgrade

These new additions are available now. They are embedded in the tool firmware that ships with the new tools.

The four new features are available with TAC tool firmware R002-8 or later. 

You'll also need Global 400 firmware 1.6.0 or later to implement any of these new capabilities.  If you plan on using Global Manager to make changes to the controller or TAC wrench that are related to the new capabilities, you'll need Global Manager Software 1.6.0 or later. If you aren't using Global Manager Software with your controller, please know that all of the capabilities can be implemented directly at the controller's face without the use of Global Manager Software. If you are using Global Manager Software, you'll need version 1.6.0 or later to implement these new capabilities using Global Manager Software. 

If your TAC wrenches are paired with the Global 400mp, you'll need 400mp firmware 4.5.0 or later.

You can have your existing TAC wrenches and controllers upgraded to the current firmware level.  Contact your local Sturtevant Richmont Torque Expert to get started. 

What Are the Four New Capabilities?

The four new capabilities are available now. We have created a "HOW TO" video series for these features. There is an overview video that explains the four new features and a "HOW TO" video that walks you through the steps of using these new features. Your Sturtevant Richmont Torque Expert can also assist with training or whatever support you need. 

1. The ability to graph torque or angle rundowns for a fastener. You can see a graph of either torque or angle on the Global Controller display. And you can download the data and make your own graphs using your data visualization software. Please Note: The TAC wrench radio sends one data packet for each fastening. That data packet contains the torque value for the point at which the wrench clicked and the torque and angle values of where the operator stopped pulling. Gathering data points every 5 milliseconds can create an additional 50 to 100 data packets that the radio must send to the controller. This will reduce the amount of time between battery changes. 



2. The ability to customize the active tool notification blue LED blink time. Now you can select up to 65 seconds of "blue blink" time to give operators extended time to find the tool for the active parameter. 



3. Apply and measure torque and angle in the counterclockwise direction. Now you have the ability to turn the wrench over and use it or keep it oriented with the radio case facing up and use it in the counterclockwise direction. This feature must be activated and that is done in the parameter screen. 



Please Note:

Activating either the bi-directional or counterclockwise measurement feature disables the Loosening Detect feature. 

4. Loosening Detection is the fourth new feature. Sometimes an operator can inadvertently loosen a fastener rather than tightening it. Loosening Detect identifies this condition. 


The TAC is highly accurate and repeatable in both directions. For information about models, capacity, and functionality, visit the TAC wrench page


Have questions? Want more information?  Your Sturtevant Richmont Torque Expert is ready to assist. 



More about graphing and your TAC wrench.  The TAC and controllers have a very robust XBEE radio that broadcasts over twelve WiFi channels in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Autonomous vehicles, welders, brick walls, large steel beams, and other factors can impact the amount of noise found on any of the radio broadcast frequencies. Ensuring that your TAC radio and controller are on the optimal channel can make a difference. Remember, the TAC normally sends one data packet that contains the torque value of where the wrench clicked and the torque and angle value of where the operator stopped pulling. Depending on. your sample rate and the Trace Start Point, you could create another 50 to 100 data packets that the radio must send in addition to the fastening result packet. To ensure your radio is set to the optimal channel, run the radio noise analyzer in the controller prior to graphing. Use the Set Channel button to move all the tools and the controller to the optimal channel. There is a video on the Newton Metre Channel on YouTube that explains the process. Or, you can find that video on this page, or on the Global 400 page

Of course, your Sturtevant Richmont torque expert is ready to assist. 

The TAC wrench is proudly made in Carol Stream, Illinois by highly capable hands.