Need Your Torque Tools Calibrated?

Customers say that our tools are easy to calibrate and stay in calibration longer than other tools on the market. If you want to calibrate your Sturtevant Richmont torque wrenches, we can send you the procedure. 

We know that not everyone has a torque tester or the experience to calibrate torque tools. You can send your tools out to a qualified lab. Or, you can send them to the Sturtevant Richmont factory for calibration in our ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory. 

The process is simple and easy. To initiate the process, just email us at Our repairs team will coordinate scheduling, turn around time, related costs, and anything else important to quickly calibrating and returning your tools or tester. 


Need Warranty Work?

Each year we get back about two-tenths of one percent of our tools for warranty work. We aren't happy about that. Our goal is to build tools that NEVER need warranty work. But, no one is perfect. 

Our tools have one year from the date of purchase warranty. Our torque testers have the same warranty. 

If you need to have a tool or tester returned to us for warranty evaluation and work, please email us at and request an RGA number. Please have the tool or tester serial number, model number, and date of purchase ready at the time you are requesting the RGA. 



Need Repair?