Wireless Woman, Torque Man and Precision Paul

We have three areas of expertise:

  • Wireless Torque Tools
  • Manual Torque Hand Tools
  • Calibration of Torque Tools and Calibration Equipment

As you move through our website you will encounter three characters that represent each part of the business and the expertise:


Wireless Woman

These are the intelligent tools with robust communication abilities and they communicate with the process monitors. With wireless tools, the OK/NOK decision is made in the tool. The process monitor simply acts as the transmission hub between the tools and the origin of the job and the destination for the data. 

Where there are special tips or important facts that relate to wireless tools you are likely to see Wireless Woman.


Torque Man

Manual torque tools have long been the backbone of the error proofing industry for fasteners. Sturtevant Richmont tools are accurate, reliable, and durable. That is much like Torque Man. You will see Torque Man around the site providing you with insights, tips, techniques and more. 


Precision Paul

When customers talk of Sturtevant Richmont tools chances are good they are talking using these three words: Accurate, Reliable, Durable. While much of that comes from great engineering and design, top grade materials, high-quality parts, our own error proofing systems, and a strong team that cares about the tools they produce, that would all be negated without a strong calibration program. Our commitment to calibration has been long and deep. We were the first torque tool company to become ISO 17025 certified. Precision Paul is a part of all that. When you see Precision Paul around the site you know that important tips, techniques, and insights are nearby. 






Sturtevant Richmont tools are proudly made by highly capable union hands.