Who Is Sturtevant Richmont?


We are a long-time; family-run business with deep values about our customers and the torque hand tools, wireless torque systems, and calibration equipment we create. This harkens back to our two founders Paul A. Sturtevant and Frank W. Livermont. Livermont was an engineer at Lockheed Martin before he formed Richmont and incorporated his company in 1940. Paul A. Sturtevant worked at Reed Roller Bit before forging off on his own to establish Sturtevant Tools. 

Long-term relationships are at our core. Many of the customers who bought tools from us more than ninety (90) years ago still buy tools Sturtevant Richmont values employees, customers, and vendorsfrom us. Many of our Global Distributors have been with us so long the kids and grandkids now run the companies where we had partnered with their parents. 

We have a  strong belief that our people want to do a great job at work each and every day. We believe that about your operators as well. Our job is to create the tools they need so they can do a great job and demonstrate the good job that they do. 

Many of our employees have been with us for more than 25 years. They still come to work every day with a smile on their face. They love what they do. They are more than great at their jobs, they are remarkable people. They care about the tool quality and they care about our customers.

Our team is smart and they work very hard. They are very good at what they do. And they still love it. When someone has been welding tools for more than 25 years they know when it is up to their standards or it has to be redone. They come up with great ideas and better ways to do things. 

Sturtevant Richmont team membersWe are the kind of company that has second and third-generation employees who are not part of the ownership, but more importantly, they are a part of the people who come together every day to build the world's best torque tools. 

For more than forty (40) years we have thanked our team in many different ways and one of those ways is with a Christmas turkey. The management team cooks at the summer picnic and we take a leisurely lunch and spend time together. We are a very flat organization with no more than four (4) layers from the bottom to the top. When you work together that closely and do it for a long time, you really get to know and depend on everyone around you. 

We recycled long before it became an environmental buzzword. We are constantly working to improve energy efficiency and our actions show that we care about the environment. We build electronics based on rechargeable batteries Sturtevant Richmont torque testerbecause it is better for the environment. 

We build tools that are meant to last. When you have torque testers in the field that last for more than forty (40) years and are still accurate, reliable, and durable, there is no need to replace them. We have torque screwdrivers that are more than 40 years old and they still come back for calibration. We feel bad when an old tool comes back and we can't repair it because the parts aren't being made anymore. If we had the parts, we'd fix the tool. 

We hope you see us for the way we are. We hope you do business with us because of what we stand for. We trust that as you get to know us you will see the value we bring to your company.

Our tools are rarely the cheapest. Yet, they have the lowest cost of ownership because they are accurate, reliable, and durable. The total cost of ownership is less because of the quality of our tools:

  • Remain in calibration longer
  • Need fewer repairs
  • Have a much longer service life
  • Allow you to buy fewer wrenches and have fewer spares
  • All of our interchangeable heads fit on all of our wrenches
  • You don't have to buy as many heads and wrenches to cover fastener sizes and torque ranges because it is all one system
  • Forward and backward compatibility whenever humanly possible

Most of all we hope you will be long-term partners with us because we build the tools you trust. 

Call us at 1+847-455-8677.


Sturtevant Richmont tools are proudly made in Carol Stream, Illinois by highly capable and dedicated hands.