Built To Last!

We have been building industrial strength torque tools and calibration equipment for more than 90 years. Everyone at Sturtevant Richmont is focused on ensuring our tools meet our reputation for accuracy, reliability, and durability. We make the tools you trust. We take that mission seriously.

This section of our website is dedicated to those tools that have served well over the years and have more than met our service requirements. 

TorqTronics - Serial #00003  Build Date: 1998

TorqTronics digital torque analyzer built in 1998


TorqTronics digital torque tester was built as a replacement to the original System 2/Torqtronics digital tester. That was the first American digital torque tester. Torqtronics brought some new enhancements including greater accuracy. 

The Torqtronics in the picture first came back to us for calibration in 2002. It has been in several times for calibration, including November 2016 when it came back for calibration. The display, the keypads, and everything else is still all original. 

A new transducer was installed in 2002 to replace one that had been over-torqued to the point where it needed to be tested. Testing revealed that the transducer should be replaced. Everything else is still original equipment. 

If you are not using a digital torque tester from Sturtevant Richmont you may want to look at how long equipment from other brands lasts. This digital torque tester still works fine and has been in regular service for 18 years. 


In March 2018 we received another TorqTronics digital torque tool analyzer like the one pictured above.  It came in for testing and calibration. Tests revealed it was still well within calibration and needed no adjustment. Twenty years on the job and it still works fine every day.  

TorqTronics and System 4/5 Digital Torque Testers

We continue to see TorqTronics digital torque testers come back to us for calibration. Many of the TorqTronics units we see have been in the field for more than 12 years. 

We also have many System 4/5 digital torque testing units that have been in the field for twenty-five years or more. 

We are facing an electronics challenge. Because we are RoHS compliant, we made design changes to our testers. RoHS compliance means we have no lead in our electronics. 

In the conversion from lead-based solder to tin-based solder, electrical components had to be redesigned to handle increases in heat during assembly. Lead solder melts at 256 degrees less than tin-based solder. In the early stages of the change to be lead-free, some components were subjected to heat levels that may have shortened their functional or useful service life. 

Because of RoHS compliance, the pre-RoHS parts are no longer available. That means we can't repair units as chips, diodes, capacitors, and other electronic components wear out. 

Sturtevant Richmont has a strong commitment to a clean environment. We conserve water, recycle materials, and minimize our carbon footprint. 

As some of our digital torque testers face their end of the life cycle, customers are coming back to buy new Sturtevant Richmont digital torque testers. 

Customers can be confident that our new digital torque testers should last as long, if not longer, than the previous models we've made. 

Unless there is an unanticipated change in environmental codes that require another electronic component disruption. the Sturtevant Richmont digital torque testers should be accurate, reliable, and durable. We expect them to produce results that you trust. 

We want to thank our customers for taking such great care of the tools we build for them. We can build them for you too! Just ask your local Sturtevant Richmont Torque Expert.