Sturtevant Richmont Has a Purpose!

Our purpose is simple. We make torque tools that:

  • Make the workplace safer
  • Improve the quality of our customer's torque related assemblies
  • Increase assembly throughput

Yes, Sturtevant Richmont has been making industrial strength torque wrenches and torque testers for more than 90 years. We started as two separate companies. Actually, we were competitors. But between these two competitors,  the Sturtevant and Richmont companies invented the bulk of the important torque tool patents between 1930 and 2000. 

We were first to patent the preset torque wrench, the torque screwdriver, interchangeable heads for torque wrenches, and much more. 

From the very beginning, each company had a purpose. Despite the fact that we were competitors, we held identical sets of values and beliefs about business and torque. We also shared a common purpose. 

What was that common purpose? We built tools that were the safest torque tools on the market. What made them so safe? High-quality steel, the design, and one-piece cast interchangeable heads are just a few of the things that make our tools so safe.

We designed tools to be ergonomically friendly. Some tools, like the "break-over" wrenches, can cause wrist injuries. It is dependent on where the operator is tightening the fastener relative to the body position. When that wrench "breaks-over" the stress on the wrist can create damage.

Cut and weld heads are known to break. When someone is exerting a high amount of force and the resistance is suddenly gone, inertia carries the force in that direction. Depending on what is in the path of the hand driving the wrench handle, someone could hit a solid steel piece and break a bone, sustain a cut, or be bruised. None of those options are acceptable. People tend to ignore safety issues until someone is seriously hurt. You don't want to be the person in the company HR or legal office explaining why someone was injured on your watch. 

Both the hand tools that we build, and the wireless error-proofing systems that we create impact customer quality in positive ways. We help ensure that each and every fastener is tightened to specification, each and every time. And our wireless systems ensure that ALL the fasteners are completed to specification. 

We also improve throughput by making our wireless systems fast. We can keep up with the shortest of TAKT times by using WiFi radios that don't drop a signal. And, in the unlikely event that a  radio signal is severed, the operator can continue to work, complete the active batch, and then when the radio signal is restored, our Global Host data repository polls the controller, reconciles the transaction count, and brings everything up to date. Nothing is lost. 

In business today there are lots of discussions about company purpose. Both Sturtevant and Richmont companies started those conversations 90 years ago, and those conversations continue today.