The safety of Sturtevant Richmont associates is always first and foremost on our minds.  From the start, we have taken the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously. Each day, we evaluate everything that we are doing to keep our associates safe while we continue to support our customers.  

Sturtevant Richmont is considered vital to national security. We make tools for the military, aerospace, transportation, and medical technology companies. We have implemented the best practices in physical distancing and disinfecting protocols to keep our associates safe while we continue to produce tools. 

Our assembly can calibration teams practice physical distancing. We have restructured the operation to maximize physical distancing. Our custodial staff has increased the level of disinfecting protocols. 

Our customer service manager works from the office while the rest of her team works from home. This helps keep social distancing in the customer service department. Our engineers have been divided into teams that alternate working from home every other week. This helps keep physical distancing practices in place for our engineering department. 

Our sales professionals are all working from home. Our marketing department and technical support teams are also working from home. 

Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to maximize the safety protocols that are needed to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are doing everything we can to support our customers and their need for the tools they trust.