John Reynertson Receives C-Suite Award 

The Herald Business Ledger covers Chicago area business. They are also very focused on community.

Each year the Business Ledger recognizes highly successful business leaders who also make time to give back to the community. The C-Suite Award is a high honor, that is challenging to earn.

On July 27, 2017, The Herald Business Ledger honored Sturtevant Richmont President John L. Reynertson as one of the sixteen (16) C-Suite Award recipients.

John Reynertson Sturtevant Richmont President receives the C-Suite Award

John is a visionary leader in business. In addition to running the company, he is actively involved with vendor selection and keeps those processes that we outsource very localized. He keeps a close eye on quality. He works with our suppliers to ensure they have consistent quality and he helps them drive costs out of their systems.

John also mentors staff. He is active in professional associations like the Hand Tool Institute and is part of the worldwide ISO committee on torque.

He is also active in Boy Scouts, leading scouting trips and provides more mentoring. John is a leader who does not enjoy the spotlight. He readily credits everyone else for their efforts and results.

We all know that great teams don't perform by accident. Great teams need great leadership. Sturtevant Richmont tools enjoy the reputation for accuracy, reliability, and durability because the people who design and build our tools care about the products.

We have second and third generation employees at our company because people love to work here and they want to pass those jobs down to keep them in the family.

That environment doesn't happen: it takes great leadership. That leadership at Sturtevant Richmont goes back to Jack Reynertson, Sr. who was our first CEO. Then Ray Reynertson, became the CEO when Jack retired. When Ray retired four years ago, John stepped in and continued the tone and tenor set more than thirty-five years ago.

We are proud of John and his accomplishments. John just shakes it off and shines the spotlight back on the people who come to work every day and make the tools that people trust.