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We have provided the list of sales professionals by state. To locate the Sturtevant 75 years of mistake proofing and error proofingRichmont sales professional closest to you scroll to your state. In some cases there are multiple sales professionals in a state, they are assigned by Zip Code. The Zip Codes are listed for each sales professional. To determine which one is closest to you, match the first three digits of your Zip Code to those assigned to the sales professional for your state. Please note in Texas area codes are used rather than zip codes.




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State Zip Codes First  Last  Telephone Number Email


Rowena   Cromer  404-725-5488 Email
Alaska All John Nigro 847-455-8677  Email
Arkansas All Mike Carlson 469-359-7945 Email
Arizona Area Code: 480 Paul Macelli 951-746-0834 Email

Area Codes:

602, 623, 520, 928

Dick  Williams 626-676-9232 Email

Zip Codes:



Jason  Rolapp 714-381-2386  Email 

Zip Codes:  


 John Nigro 209-840-0658 Email
Colorado All Tony  Whitt  303-881-1623  Email 
Connecticut All Barry  Miller 603-424-4423  Email
Delaware All Derek Lew 610-584-3110  Email


Reinaldo Mujica 305-306-0128  Email
Georgia All Rowena  Cromer  404-725-5488  Email
Hawaii All John Nigro  847-455-8677  Email
Iowa All Doug Reibel 815-388-2327  Email
Idaho All Jacob Stock 509-310-3584 Email
Illinois All Doug  Reibel  815-388-2327   Email
Indiana All Amy Cuthbertson 419-564-5904 Email 
Kansas All Doug Reibel  815-388-2327 Email
Kentucky All Amy  Cuthbertson 419-564-5904 Email
Louisiana All Mike Carlson 469-382-1385
Massachusetts All Barry   Miller 603-424-4423  Email
Maryland All Derek  Lew 610-584-3110  Email
Maine All Barry Miller 603-424-4423  Email
Michigan All Tom Booms 248-866-0985  Email
Minnesota All Doug Reibel 815-388-2327   Email


Doug  Reibel 815-388-2327  Email
Mississippi All Rowena Cromer 404-725-5488 Email
Montana All Tony Whitt 303-881-1623   Email
North Carolina All Art Meakin 704-724-0069 Email 
North Dakota All Doug  Reibel  815-388-2327   Email
Nebraska All Doug Reibel 815-388-2327   Email
New Hampshire All Barry  Miller 603-424-4423  Email
New Jersey All Derek Lew 610-584-3110  Email
New Mexico All Dick   Williams 480-848-3047 Email
Nevada All John Nigro 209-840-0658  Email
New York 00501 - 139 Derek Lew  610-482-4761 Email
New York 140 - 150 Amy Cuthbertson 419-564-5904 Email
Ohio All Amy Cuthbertson 419-564-1385 Email
Oklahoma All Mike Carlson  469-382-7945   Email
Oregon All Jacob Stock  509-310-3584 Email
Pennsylvania   All Derek Lew 610-584-3110  Email
Rhode Island All Barry  Miller 603-424-4423  Email 
South Carolina  All Art Meakin 704-724-0069 Email
South Dakota All Doug  Reibel 815-388-2327   Email
Tennessee All Rowena Cromer 404-725-5488 Email

Area Codes:

214, 469,

972, 430, 903

Michael Carlson  469-382-1385  Email

Area Codes:

254, 512,

216, 830,

325, 432, 

Arthur  Roberts 469-382-1385 Email

Area Codes:

936, 409, 979,

281,713, 832,

Adrian  Leal 469-382-1385 Email

Area Codes:

432, 325, 254, 512, 210,




Arthur   Roberts 469-382-1385 Email
 Utah All   Tony  Whitt 303-881-1623 Email
Virginia All  Derek  Lew 804-218-7407 Email
Vermont All  Barry  Miller 603-424-4423   Email
Washington All Jacob Stock
509-310-3584  Email


All  Doug Reibel  815-388-2327   Email
West Virginia All Amy Cuthbertson 419-564-5904 Email
Wyoming 820 - 831 Tony Whitt 303-881-1623  Email
Wyoming 838 - 839 Jacob Stock 509-310-3584 Email


 Call us at +1-847.455.8677  7:30 AM until 4:00 PM CST


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