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Sturtevant Richmont Carol Stream Illinois 60188We offer our customers a variety of services related to SR products, including:

Torque Wrench Calibration

Every torque wrench needs to be recalibrated - some frequently, some infrequently - but they all need it. A variety of our customers find that obtaining calibration service from SR for some or all of their tools is an operational and economic advantage. All calibration is performed at +/- .25% accuracy in our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory, and the certifications contain all test results and all traceability information for each tool.

Torque Tester Calibration

All torque testers and their associated transducers need to be re-calibrated at intervals that assure their accuracy. When a calibration transducer is pulled to 120% or more of the transducers rated capacity, it should be checked to verify that it is still functioning properly.

Our digital torque testers have Fail-Safe Engineering that tells you the transducer has been stretched that far overcapacity.

Many of our customers find it is advantageous to have their torque wrenches calibrated in and certified by our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory. The certifications contain all test results and all traceability information for each transducer and tester.

It makes good business to have your tools calibrated by an A2LA Accredited Lab. The A2LA Accredited labs are the best of the best.

Our A2LA accreditation means you can have the utmost confidence in the work we produce and the impact it has on your operation. www.a2la.org

Torque Wrench Parts and Repair

As durable as our torque wrenches are, there are times and circumstances under which repair is needed. For some organizations repairing and calibrating such tools internally is within their expertise and economically advantageous. For other organizations, it is better to obtain the repair and recalibration service from the factory.

Contact Your Local Torque wrench sales professional


Torque Tester Parts and Repair

Testers rarely need repair, but when they do it is most often beyond
 the capabilities of the organization that uses them. For those who are capable of repairing and recalibrating their torque testers, parts are available through your SR Sales Professional or by contacting us directly. For those who do not have the expertise, equipment or both to perform the needed repair and recalibration, those services are available from the factory.


Factory Training

Some torque tools and torque testers are easy to learn to use effectively, and some are more difficult. Wireless torque systems require specialized expertise that is not always available internally.

Whether your need is to have a group of people taught the basics of torque and torque tools, or assistance in programming some of our advanced systems, we can support your efforts. Simply contact your SR Distributor, your SR Sales Professional, or contact us directly to discuss your needs.  




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